Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Layering with L.L. Bean Norwegian Sweater Crewneck Lattice

LL Bean Heritage Sweater Norwegian Crewneck Lattice Barbour Beaufort Preppy
My Barbour coat has a beautiful patina!
    Anyone that is a true L.L Bean fan have certain staples, which are usually a L.L. Norwegian sweater and a pair of L.L.Bean boots. It's usually the same story every time either they purchased the items five years ago or it was inherited from someone. All true L.L Bean fans own the same stuff. Reason why because these items have stood the test of time.
These are the items that comes to mind when you think of the brand. The L.L. Norwegian is an American classic that everyone recognizes immediately. I get stopped all the time when wearing mines.
LL Bean Heritage Sweater Norwegian Crewneck Lattice Barbour Beaufort Preppy corduroy critter pants
No need for heavy layering with this L.L Bean Norwegian sweater
     A new colorway and pattern is available for the classic preppy Norwegian Sweater. The sweater is now available in a charcoal colorway and with detailed lattice pattern work. The sweater is premium 100% wool, made in Norway for heavy-duty warmth.The Norwegian sweater aka bird's eye sweater does run big. I do recommend sizing down.
Corduroy All over dog print pants by Over Under Clothing

Hampton Ivy Men's Preppy Double Leather Bracelet
    If you are a true L.L Bean fan then I suggest you to add this sweater on your wish list. You will definitely thank me. Follow me on instagram in were I have a promo code to get the sweater at a discount. If this your first time hearing about the sweater, you will thank me it's an investment piece. It meets all the criteria beautiful design, quality and warmth of fine wool, thus making it the perfect winter sweater.The sweater is available now for $150 at L.L.Bean.

Thank you L.L. Bean
Photo Credit Arriana Vasquez

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