Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Blankenship Dry Goods Patriots Pants in Corduroys

Blankenship Dry Goods Patriots Corduroy  Pants
Great Quality and Price

Blankenship Dry Goods awesome Patriot pants can now be worn in the colder weather. What I like about these corduroys is they make a fantastic choice for pants in the bi-polar New York City weather. One day is hot and the next day is cold. They make great choice  because the pants are thin wale which makes the pant light heavier than regular cotton pants but lighter than wide wale corduroys which are very cold weather appropriate.The pants are a updated slim fit compared to the traditional corduroys. The pants are designed straight through the leg with tapered ankles.Great fit for the modern gentleman in college or out of college. Just like everything that is Blankenship Dry Goods, it's reasonably well priced! The pants only retail for $128.00. Made in USA or to be more exact Made in New York City.

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