Monday, May 11, 2015

York River Traders Bespoke Vintage Nautical Chart Cufflinks


       York River traders continue to stand out from other brands by always offering originality in their products. Their latest accessory is Bespoke Vintage Nautical Chart Cufflinks. The readers of the blog that love the nautical life, I highly recommend you to add these cufflinks to your wardrobe. Each set is made from a real vintage nautical chart, hand-cut and mounted on solid brass, double-sided hardware. Making each piece is one of a kind, need to worry about seeing someone with the same cufflink. Even the packaging is detailed, each set comes in a cedar box with tucked in with a white hankie and includes a card listing the chart area, year published and scale. Made in the U.S.A Complete your outfit for a regatta event with these crispy cufflinks for only $169.00 get them now

Each set comes in a cedar box

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