Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Tweed Blackwatch Camelcoat Ralph Lauren Penny Loafers Check

Ralph Lauren Made in USA

     I really enjoyed my outfit post last week, which I had to share a couple more pictures that didn't make it on the Copper River Bag review post. The photographer Dave C Smith truly did a marvelous job. Last week it was still cold and I was able to get away with wearing my L.L Bean Tweed Blazer, camel color overcoat and along with my favorite Southern Proper Cap. Blackwatch tartan is my favorite print. Funny fact, I call it the holy print.
My goal is to pretty much to own everything Blackwatch. In this post believe or not I tried to keep it toned down regarding the black watch tartan. I have a shirt and a Brooks Brothers belt in the same print. But then again if I wore the shirt, then that would be a bit overboard. Love of all things equestrians I wore my wonderful Over Under Clothing hoof pick belt. It doesn't get better than reading New York City real estate in McCarren Park and stomping leaves with my Made in USA Ralph Lauren beefroll penny loafers. Hopefully New York weather will get warm can't wait for Madras and seersucker!!!
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Forever switching my Penn Avenue Eyewear Allen Tortoise glasses

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