Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Copper River Bag Rockport Briefcase Perfect for a New York City Real Estate Agent

        A couple of months ago, I mentioned this fantastic briefcase from Copper River Bags on the blog. Well, now that I'm the owner of the bag I can totally assure you that this statement is true. Everywhere I go when I'm carrying this bag I get showered with compliments. This briefcase has become the spoil bag of the three bags that I own. It looks too damn good. In real estate school the girls are telling me "I love the shade of burgundy" the fellows are stopping me on the train to find out where is the bag from? In which I end up handwriting the name of the brand. Copper River Bag seriously did a great job because people just walk to me in random places telling me, "That looks like a well-built bag". I tell them, "it is you should get one also, 100 year warranty doesn't get better". If you're a shy person then you need to have this briefcase it's a conversation starter.
Beautiful bag!!!
      The weather in New York City has been very cold or in other words not spring like. I have been able to wear my L.L Bean Tweed Blazer, my blackwatch pants, my Beloved Southern Proper Blackwatch Cap, and Pendleton Blackwatch scarf a bit longer. It has been cold. My winter wardrobe is still around not packed away how it should be. I have to stay warm and stylish when I'm having appointments with my clients. The last week I was reading the March issue of the Real deal magazine at my favorite Greenpoint green-space McCarren Park.

         The big bulky "The Real Deal" magazine fits perfectly in the briefcase along with my folder of apartments that I have planned for previewing. The exterior pockets are perfect for pens, highlighters and markers. Quite handy when you need to have your client sign some disclosure forms before seeing the apartment. The rear exterior pocket usually holds my tablet or small books. Inside the bag, there's a removable file organizer where I keep my important documents along with my juice. Even if my juice were to spill inside the bag I wouldn't panic because the file organizer is water-resistant. A laptop can also fit in the bag. I highly recommend that to get the bag with leather shoulder straps the upgrade is totally worth it.

        The bag doesn’t hurt my shoulder due to the padding that it has. It has a very delicate feel yet a very sturdy design. Very well built they used rot and mildew resistant thread the same thread used to create ocean sails. When I go to networking events I hate my pants looking very bulking like George Constanza so I keep my keys and iPod in the interior pockets.
       Overall great bag, I highly recommend impeccable design made by hand in the Nevada, California. When ordering, please allow 7-21 BUSINESS DAYS to ship. Each bag is definitely heirloom quality with a 100 year warranty. Great quality and price tag for the bag. The one that I have measures 14" wide x 10.5x 5" gusset which is pretty roomy. I recommend the bag if you're a student or a real estate agent like me. I love menswear and I love wearing my favorite preppy brands everyday that's not going to change! I want to say thank you very much to Copper River Bags!!! Also, thank you very much for  my wonderful photographer Dave C. Smith, who did a wonderful job. I highly recommend you to check his photography and follow him on social media  instagram and facebook
Great Quality Great Price

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