Monday, April 27, 2015

Billy Reid Single Monk Strap

    In the past recent years the monk strap shoe has been the dress shoe for menswear. It's damn obvious why, the shoe simply stands out and break necks everywhere. Well, one of my favorite designers Billy Reid is introducing a very Crispy and stylish monk strap shoe for Womenswear. The Single Monk Strap is simply a beauty that will be very popular for the females that love incorporating menswear styles in their wardrobe.
With front buckle and strap construction in similar form to the men's, both completely functional, the women's monk adds stylish touches in the small heel and woven leather toe. I can wait to see these fabulous monk straps shoes on the feet of the crispy and stylish womenswear enthusiasts in the streets of New York City. My outfit suggestions for the monk straps is pairing them with colorful socks show some ankle looks great with jeans. The monk straps are handmade in Italy with a 1" stacked heel. The monk strap shoe retails for $395.00. What you ladies think?

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