Monday, April 27, 2015

Billy Reid Single Monk Strap

    In the past recent years the monk strap shoe has been the dress shoe for menswear. It's damn obvious why, the shoe simply stands out and break necks everywhere. Well, one of my favorite designers Billy Reid is introducing a very Crispy and stylish monk strap shoe for Womenswear. The Single Monk Strap is simply a beauty that will be very popular for the females that love incorporating menswear styles in their wardrobe.

Monday, April 20, 2015

L.L. Bean Signature Cotton/Linen Sportcoat

L.L. Bean Signature Cotton/Linen Sportcoat Preppy Fashion Menswear
    If you're searching for a great fitting blazer for the warmer weather then, I'll suggest checking LL Bean Signature. LL Bean Signature linen sport coat is perfect for staying stylish and cool since it's made from cotton and linen. Being since, its unstructured earns this blazer bonus points because no one wants to be feeling all the unnecessary stuff like shoulder pads and linings in warmer weather. This is even twice as annoying if you're wearing a structured blazer with a short sleeve shirt. The lining will definitely get on your nerves. The blazer is fitted closer to the body and slim through the sleeves for a modern streamlined fit. It's two-button style with notched lapel. Three patch pockets with tonal pick-stitch detailing along edges, two inside welt pockets. Corozo nut buttons. The blazer should be must buy on your list when upgrading or updating your warm weather wardrobe. Looks great worn with chinos, penny loafers, boat shoes or canvas sneakers, preppy style at its finest! The blazer is available now
L.L. Bean Signature Cotton/Linen Sportcoat Preppy Fashion Menswear

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Cape Clasp Bracelets: WHYDAH GALLY Affordable Pirate Wristwear

Cape Clasp Bracelets: WHYDAH GALLY
     Spring is here! Time to bring out the boat shoes and the sailorshirts. Spring/Summer is my favorite season because my  inner pirate comes out. A brand I came across in the winter was Cape Clasp bracelets. If you're looking for some nautical wristwear that is stylish and affordable this the brand. One of the bracelets that caught my attention is the WHYDAH GALLY. The anchor replica of the anchor from the infamous Whydah Gally - Wrecked off the coast of Cape Cod in 1717, it remains the only authenticated pirate shipwreck ever found in U.S. waters. Buying the bracelets will be doing good for your wrist and to mother nature, 15% of profits support beach conservation. Made in USA. Did I mentioned the bracelets are only 29.99!

Cape Clasp Bracelets: WHYDAH GALLY anchor bracelet

Cape Clasp Bracelets: WHYDAH GALLY anchor Bracelet

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Tweed Blackwatch Camelcoat Ralph Lauren Penny Loafers Check

Ralph Lauren Made in USA

     I really enjoyed my outfit post last week, which I had to share a couple more pictures that didn't make it on the Copper River Bag review post. The photographer Dave C Smith truly did a marvelous job. Last week it was still cold and I was able to get away with wearing my L.L Bean Tweed Blazer, camel color overcoat and along with my favorite Southern Proper Cap. Blackwatch tartan is my favorite print. Funny fact, I call it the holy print.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Copper River Bag Rockport Briefcase Perfect for a New York City Real Estate Agent

        A couple of months ago, I mentioned this fantastic briefcase from Copper River Bags on the blog. Well, now that I'm the owner of the bag I can totally assure you that this statement is true. Everywhere I go when I'm carrying this bag I get showered with compliments. This briefcase has become the spoil bag of the three bags that I own. It looks too damn good. In real estate school the girls are telling me "I love the shade of burgundy" the fellows are stopping me on the train to find out where is the bag from? In which I end up handwriting the name of the brand. Copper River Bag seriously did a great job because people just walk to me in random places telling me, "That looks like a well-built bag". I tell them, "it is you should get one also, 100 year warranty doesn't get better". If you're a shy person then you need to have this briefcase it's a conversation starter.
Beautiful bag!!!
      The weather in New York City has been very cold or in other words not spring like. I have been able to wear my L.L Bean Tweed Blazer, my blackwatch pants, my Beloved Southern Proper Blackwatch Cap, and Pendleton Blackwatch scarf a bit longer. It has been cold. My winter wardrobe is still around not packed away how it should be. I have to stay warm and stylish when I'm having appointments with my clients. The last week I was reading the March issue of the Real deal magazine at my favorite Greenpoint green-space McCarren Park.