Thursday, March 26, 2015

Throwback Prep Thursday: Polo Dungarees By Ralph Lauren 1988

Polo Dungarees By Ralph Lauren 1988
   I will always say it in the blog. No other designer brings can bring out the American aesthetic like Ralph Lauren. In this advertisement from, The Polo Dungarees line which was launched in 1985. This advertisement dates back to 1988 and it's a wonderful mixture of the WASP and working class fashion. The gorgeous camel coat, white Oxford cotton button down and rep tie would be part of the Wasp or Trad American style while the denim jacket and pants would be part of the middle working class. Ralph Lauren is a huge denim aficionado, he has a huge love for western American fashion which has played an influence on his designs. He can be usually be seen at runway shows dressed pretty humble or casual in denim. Pretty ahead of its time, now creative directors are taking notes and putting a new take on heritage middle class brands like Carthartt or Dickies. What I love about this advertisement, is that it's pretty much relatable. The mixture of several types of clothing is quite common and obvious in the biggest runway, New York City. This is why he's a great designer, he designs runway clothes that people can actually wear through every aspect of their lives.

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