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Socialite of the Month: Eleanor Lambert

Socialite of the Month: Eleanor Lambert

      Expanding the historical content of my blog to not only fashion, automobiles, and architecture. Every month I will drop a couple facts of a socialite of my choice. The first socialite to make the segment is Eleanor Lambert, which I couldn't think of a better person. If you're aren't familiar with Eleanor Lambert she opened plenty of paths for the American runway. Believe or not, America wasn't always a big giant. Sometimes I still don't think this country still gets this view. Why do I say that because there's plenty of wonderful brands made in America that deserved more fame. Also, there's plenty of people with their heads in under rocks still thinking the Made in U.S.A dream doesn't exist.
The big fashion giants were England and France. France had a huge influence on fashion before world war II which decline when the war began.  I simply her style which consists of turbans, pearls, Belgian shoes, Fur Coats and a Hermes Kelly bag.What makes her an interesting socialite is that she wasn't as wealthy as the image she put out. Yes reading Hermes Kelly bag, pearls and Belgian shoes usually rings dollars sign in your head. She simply lived comfortable and most of the fancy clothes were given to her for since she had great relationships with the brands and designers. She helped elevate American fashion to international prominence and believed in many of the American designers at a time when France was the dominant authority in fashion.

Socialite of the Month: Eleanor Lambert

1) In 1932 Miss Lambert became the first fashion publicist when she represented the fashion designer Annette Simpson.

2) In 1940 Miss Lambert was influenced by the  Paris-based best dressed list, which was put on hold during WWII, and renamed it the International Best-Dressed List.

3) Eleanor also created the very first New York fashion week in January 1943 at the Plaza hotel.
She didn't slack that year, but when does she? Also the Coty (American Fashion Critics’ Awards) awards came to life
Socialite of the Month: Eleanor Lambert
First Fashion Week Plaza Hotel 1943

 4) In 1948 the famous the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute came from a midnight gala dinner.

5) Not only did she found the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA)
 in December 1962

6) You can also considered her a pioneer in the Public Relation,  she had a Public Relation company with clients like Oscar De La Renta, Bill Bass and Anne Klein.

7) She opens the door to models of color, at the  Grande Divertissement √† Versailles, which was spearheaded by Eleanor Lambert, the American designers used a total of 12 black models, at the insistence of Eleanor Lambert.)

Socialite of the Month: Eleanor Lambert

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