Monday, February 2, 2015

Hunter Wellington Boots for Slushy Weather

Hunter Wellington Boot Preppy Bloomingdales Upper East Side
   There's snow then there's that slush aftermath. Snow is fun to walk as long the streets aren't frozen while slush... you want to avoid it. Slush makes your commute more strenuous. The slush aftermath turns your usual commute to work or errands into an urban ironman game. On my way walking to my real estate office in Union Square I observed New Yorkers carefully planning how they're going to attack the slush puddles that emerge on the street corners, in gutters, and on the sidewalks. These incoming days are not made for suede boots, oxfords or loafers. Ladies and gentlemen, you need a pair of Hunter wellies in your closet. Wellies are no stranger to the game of getting down and dirty thus making them perfect for all the slush puddles around the city. Wellies boots are a great height for submerging into those god knows how deep kind of puddles. Hunter rain boots feature legendary style, fit and comfort and are perfect for rainy days or a casual, stylish look. City or country, you're covered. The boots run in full sizes. Mix the boots with your Barbour and you will have a crispy outfit regardless the gender. Bloomingdale's has the boots for $148.00.

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