Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Penn Avenue Eyewear Allen AKA P3 Glasses

Penn Avenue Eyewear Allen AKA P3 Glasses Preppy

 While I absolutely love my current glasses it would be cool to have an extra pair of glasses so I can rotate. I had the thought of getting a second pair of glasses for a while now. With a new year I felt like it would be appropriate for a little change. I have always been a fan of tortoiseP3 style glasses. Back in the day P3 glasses were actually made from tortoise. I took my consideration of maybe updating my eyewear look and decided to go to Penn Avenue Eyewear. These glasses aren't made from a tortoise, but from acetate. I receive my #hometrykit today I tried on the other glasses which are great, but my eyes are focused on these bad boys. Then, I pulled out my version of the#hometrykit and pulled out my Ralph Lauren penny loafers and my Harris Tweed Blazer. This is the true surrounding for this classic piece of eyewear. If you're curious to know my choice of pants also probably tartan plaid or corduroy. The semi-round glasses are made modern with a high sitting keyhole bridge. These acetate frames feature silver metal accent pieces on both the front and earpieces. While this style of glasses is known to be expensive, Penn Avenue Eyewear Allen doesn't hurt your pocket. Available in three colors: Black, Blueberry Tortoise, and Butterscrotch Tortoise at the price of $99 which includes prescriptions lenses check the site!
Penn Avenue Eyewear Allen AKA P3 Glasses Preppy
Natural surroundings

Penn Avenue Eyewear Allen AKA P3 Glasses Preppy
Preppy Sportjacket to go with my preppy P3 glasses by Penn Avenue Eyewear

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