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Visiting the New York Transit Museum in Preppy Style

 New York Transit Museum

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These rocks are lightwork
 There's plenty of tourist attractions outside New York City. I highly recommend visiting the New York City Transit Museum. The museum is located in downtown Brooklyn to be exact court street. The museum displays historical artifacts of the New York City Subway, bus, bridge and tunnel systems under the administration of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA). What makes the museum  interesting besides the historical artifacts is the museum was an actual subway station, it used to be the Court Street station and it didn't have a long run in service as a station only ten years April 1936-June 1946. The Court Street station was built along nearby station Hoyt-Schermerhorn Sts by the Independent subway system built by the Board of Transportation.

City Hall Train Station
City Hall Station is a New York City Hidden Jewel


Interesting facts!

Since the station was near other subway stations it never had a big ridership resulting in its closing shortly. Any true New Yorkers or Brooklyn natives probably notice that the Hoyt-Schermerhorn station has abandoned tracks, the reason for this is  those tracks led to the Court Street station/ The subway station was closed for 30 years. During those years the station was used as a subway set for movies. In 1976 the New York City Transit Exhibit was open for the Bicentennial celebrations. The Transit  Authority had been saving a couple of older train cars in hopes of a future museum. Other available items, like a collection of trolley and elevated car models, were set up in the large station mezzanine. Admission was one subway token. It was billed as temporary, but it has continued to the present day, now as the Transit Museum.

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Using tokens to go through the turnstile

Preppy guy,Southern Proper, Cole Hann, Over Under Clothing, Ivy Style

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Feeling like its 1995 fire hydrant with four nozzles
Since I was four, I always been interested with the New York City subway system. I remember being very excited to the city because I was going to take the train. Throughout the years every now and then  I looked up information on certain stations. The other day a good friend suggested that we should visit the transit museum. I was totally down with the idea because I always wanted to visit the museum.  If you have any interest in NYC or MTA transportation history, then I highly recommend the museum no matter what age you are. The museum has interactive/educative tools  that children will enjoy. Honestly, even without the tools children will have a marvelous time because children generally love trains. The subway cars dating back from the very beginning of the system are as close to traveling back in time as you will ever get. The main attraction is on the bottom level, which I nearly missed where they have  exhibits of subway vintage. Some of the trains have vintage advertisements. When it comes to trains aesthetics the older trains definitely have this on lock with fans and home furniture like seating. The trains looked more comfortable and welcoming, not like the trains we currently have. Don't get me started on the YouTube ads literally covering the whole train, which is a freaking eyesore. I already spent a lot of time looking at a screen for me to be outside doing every day errands like grocery shopping from Trader Joes to be looking at advertisements on my way back on the train. The museums also show different types of currency, tools, trolley info and gives brief explanations on how the buses run. Being a lifelong New Yorker the museum bought back memories like the old turnstiles and tokens.  I truly enjoyed my trip to the museum, so much that I had to turn it into a blog post.
Preppy guy,Southern Proper, Cole Hann, Over Under Clothing, Ivy Style
King of the hill

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