Monday, December 1, 2014

Over Under Clothing Hoof Pick Belt

    A belt that would make an excellent holiday gift is the hoof pick belt by Over Under Clothing. Over Under Clothing has been mentioned on the blog a couple of times before and it's because its exceptional quality of Made in U.S.A goods with a reasonable price tag.The hoof pick belt has been my go to belt as of late. I always get those awesome stares on the subway that people can't stop helping to look. It makes my outfits complete. Especially when I'm trying to channel my western Ralph Lauren look version. 

Over Under Clothing Hoof Pick Belt Preppy
Also available in Chestnut Brown
The belt was inspired by the stallions of the old frontier and horse races such as Belmont Stakes and the Kentucky Derb. I will definitely will be wearing this belt at the Veuve Clicquot Polo classic next summer. The belt runs almost true to size. For this belt you need to get the accurate size or you're not going to get the right fit. So please make sure you know your waist size before ordering, because with this belt you need the exact correct or you're going to have issues adjusting the belt.

Over Under Clothing Hoof Pick Belt Preppy
The belt is a great holiday gift for any gentleman that loves classic menswear. I have been wearing the belt to meetings with my shirt tucked in. While there's other brands with hoof pick belts. Over Under Clothing hoof pick belt stands out because of the London tan color option which I'm wearing. The wonderful London color reminds me of the Hermès H belt. The belt is made in USA  made from genuine American Bridle Leather with brass and a functional hoof pick.This belt differs from the other hoof pick belts on the market  because that it has  shotgun shells. Talk about the capturing authenticity! Over Under Clothing hoof pick belt is my favorite belt out of all the belts that I own. The thickness and richness of the leather is quite obvious. I can't think of a better belt to get for the holidays. The belt is available now at Over Under Clothing and it retails for only $85.00
Over Under Clothing Hoof Pick Belt Preppy

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  1. Good post. I was searching for a hoof pick belt. ( Thats how i came across your blog). When i saw yours, i said ive GOT to get one from over under clothing. Thanx.