Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Burberry Clemence Rain Boot

Burberry Clemence Rain Boot
I don't know about you, but rainy days suck. Your footwear choices significantly decreases to duck boots and wellie boots. Hunter boots are classics but, everyone practically is wearing them on rainy days. If you have extra money to spend then Burberry Clemence rain boots is the answer. Keep your feet dry while sporting the classic Burberry check.

WOOLRICH Men's Arctic Down Parka

WOOLRICH Men's Arctic Down Parka

   If you're looking for a stylish and warm parka, then I have the perfect parka. The Woolrich arctic parka is the coat you should be wearing. I have featured the parka before, for women, but this time I need to put on my male readers. The arctic parka looks beautiful. However, it isn't gimmicks, it's the real truth. The parka was originally introduced in 1972 for workers constructing the Alaskan pipeline, where the average winter low is minus 25 degrees Fahrenheit. The parka looks great for the real estate agent that needs to be warm and stylish when showing houses. Wear it under your suit when the temperature drops. You will definitely be warm and dry because the parka is 550 fill duck down. Real estate agents don't panic if you forgot your umbrella because the exterior shell is the legendary 60/40 parka, which is water-resistant. The shell is also Teflon® DWR making it very water-resistant. The hood with comes with a throat latch in case you don't have a scarf and removable authentic coyote ruff, which keeps the snow away from your face. It's available in three colors navy, black and brown. The parka retails for $399.99 get it now sizes are selling out fast. My size sold out :(
WOOLRICH Men's Arctic Down Parka

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Ralph Lauren 1982 Sweater

Ralph Lauren sweater 1982
I love vintage Ralph Lauren advertisements. Hand knitted sweaters are my weakness, especially if it's a cute girl wearing it.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Kate The Wasp Takes a Holiday Photo

Begin the weekend with a great laugh. One of my favorite comedians Kate The Wasp has another funny video that is worth sharing with your friends. It doesn't get better when your favorite comedian wears that same clothing brands as you (Sperry topsiders and Burberry scarfs).

Visiting the New York Transit Museum in Preppy Style

 New York Transit Museum

Preppy guy,Southern Proper, Cole Hann, Over Under Clothing, Ivy style
These rocks are lightwork
 There's plenty of tourist attractions outside New York City. I highly recommend visiting the New York City Transit Museum. The museum is located in downtown Brooklyn to be exact court street. The museum displays historical artifacts of the New York City Subway, bus, bridge and tunnel systems under the administration of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA). What makes the museum  interesting besides the historical artifacts is the museum was an actual subway station, it used to be the Court Street station and it didn't have a long run in service as a station only ten years April 1936-June 1946. The Court Street station was built along nearby station Hoyt-Schermerhorn Sts by the Independent subway system built by the Board of Transportation.

City Hall Train Station
City Hall Station is a New York City Hidden Jewel


Interesting facts!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Southern Proper Tartan Plaid Frat Hat

Southern Proper Tartan Plaid Frat Hat
A great gift doesn't need to be expensive. It's the thought that counts. Practically the hat that I usually have in my head is Southern Proper so should you. I don't need to say much it's a navy blue and red tartan cap doesn't get better. It only cost $28.00 get it now

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Throwback Prep Thursdays: Brooks Brothers Vintage Holidays Catalogs

Brooks Brothers Vintage Holidays Catalogs

This week I have been wearing my Brooks Brothers Shetland fair isle wood sweater religiously because it's the holiday season. Brooks Brothers definitely are in my top three list when it comes to my favorite holiday advertisements. When I have time or before I go to sleep, the holiday catalogs are my preferred reading time in Decemeber. The advertisements shown on todays post are from three catalogs which date back to 1948,1952 and 1967.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Gift Guide Suggestion: Copper River Bags Medium 14" Newtown Voyager Laptop Bag

Copper River Bags Medium 14" Newtown Voyager Laptop Bag

   For Christmas any clothes that I buy will be geared towards my real estate career. While I already have a tote and messenger bag. I definitely need a briefcase that will absolutely scream strictly business when I'm in meetings. A good looking briefcase is important because first impression is everything. A crispy wardrobe is crucial. I basically have the whole wardrobe on lock, my footwear will consist of weejuns, Stubbs Wootton and double monks. A well-dressed agent gives confidence and comfortablility. I think I found the perfect briefcase that needs to be my Christmas gift for anybody reading. Copper River Bags Medium 14" Newtown Voyager Briefcase is the bag perfect for the job. 

Copper River Bags Medium 14" Newtown Voyager Laptop Bag


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Throwback Prep Thursdays: Vintage Ralph Lauren 1979

 Vintage Ralph Lauren 1979
 Enjoy these beautiful Ralph Lauren advertisements dating back to 1979 ranging from fragrances, Womenswear, menswear and childrenwear all preppy related.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Over Under Clothing Hoof Pick Belt

    A belt that would make an excellent holiday gift is the hoof pick belt by Over Under Clothing. Over Under Clothing has been mentioned on the blog a couple of times before and it's because its exceptional quality of Made in U.S.A goods with a reasonable price tag.The hoof pick belt has been my go to belt as of late. I always get those awesome stares on the subway that people can't stop helping to look. It makes my outfits complete. Especially when I'm trying to channel my western Ralph Lauren look version. 

Over Under Clothing Hoof Pick Belt Preppy
Also available in Chestnut Brown