Friday, November 28, 2014

Hillflint: Merino Fair Isle Crew Sweater Perfect Gift

Hillflint: Merino Fair Isle Crew Sweater
Love this color

   I noticed most my followers on social media shared similar interests  as me which are waxed canvas hunting jackets, duck boots, anything nautical, plaid in general and knitwear. I actually prided myself more on my knitwear collection than my shoe collection. When I'm talking about knitwear I'm not referring to about basic wool sweaters. I'm talking about wool sweaters with festive designs like Fair Isle Sweaters. Once I start seeing a Fair Isle sweater on the streets I know that it's damn cold. I simply love wearing them, it's actually one of the reasons why I look forward towards winter. A problem most of us preppy fashion enthusiasts face, it's hard to obtain these sweaters without going to vintage route. My friend Woody Hines of Hillflint has the answer for this sweater crisis. For the holidays, Hillflint has a Fair Isle sweater made from merino wool. Most Fair Isle sweaters are either made with itchy Lambswool forcing you to wear a button shirt under. Cashmere can definitely put a hole in our pockets. It is made with 100% Hillflint signature soft, extra-fine merino wool. The brand guarantees it's the softest Fair Isle you've ever felt. The sweater is available in two colorways blue and sunset. A fair isle sweater can be worn several ways it's an excellent layering piece it can be styled with a down vest or worn under your Barbour. Many people have a misconception with these sweaters and only wear it during the holiday because they can be a bit festive. But the fair isle sweaters from Hillflint don't have reindeers or snowmen so you can wear them late till February. The sweaters are quite affordable compared to other brands like J.Crew, Brooks Brothers, and Ralph Lauren because you're not getting a blended wool sweater. You're getting a sweater that is 100% merino wool. Every preppy guy wants this sweater in their closet, ladies this a excellent holiday gift. You can preorder the sweater now and get a $20 off launch price and be at your door before Christmas. Order now

Hillflint: Merino Fair Isle Crew Preppy Sweater
The Sunset color is also Crispy

Hillflint: Merino Fair Isle Crew Preppy Sweater
I need it for my sweater collection so do you

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