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L.L. Bean Fall/Winter 2014 Preview

   Hi everyone, in June I had the privilege to get a glimpse of L.L. Bean fall/ winter collection. You would think I would have posted the pictures already, but no. I posted some pictures up on my instagram account and receive incredible response. However, most of the clothing wasn't available online. Another reason was I'm sure you readers would want to buy some of the clothes immediately so posting this collection at the beginning of summer would have been an absolute tease. Tantalizing would be the word. Well, it's time to put back the Madras, Seersucker, and Jack Rogers in Storage. I love the warm weather, but miss the cold weather because I can't wear my Norwegian sweaters and my 12 inch duck boots.

   Let's begin talking about the collection with the shoe that made the business, the Bean Boot. This season the bean boot will be available in an assortment of colors like white, blue and red. Materials like Bison leather and wool from Woolrich will also be incorporated.
Perfect example of going back to the archives because little known fact, Woolrich used to produce the 60/40 parkas for L.L. Bean back in the day. Bison leather differs from the other leather usually used on bean boots  because it's 40 percent stronger than cowhide. In simple terms, bison bean boots are tough as nails. I did notice women have this season the better stuff for the bean boots. Unless you have small feet, then you probably fit into a women's size. L.L. Bean has these special edition bean boots that are a necessity in my life and yours. Imagine bean boots in red, navy blue and olive green. Funny story last winter I was in the subway, I had my bean boots on and saw a pack of Japanese tourist that had the Beams L. L. Bean Japan edition bean boots in red, blue and green. As soon they exited the next trained stop I did the quickest power walk of my life stop them and asked them where did you get them? My fear was them telling me L.L. Bean Japan, which they did. To me this meant I wouldn't get hold of the green bean boots that a necessity in my life. Now my desired Bean boots are a click away. They're available at 8” which is great height, not too low nor not too high just right. Both men and women get special edition 8" boots in blue and red. While the color white is only available for women. Ladies have new colors for the rubber mocs.
LL Bean Boots Women
Be on the lookout ladies

LL Bean Boots Women

LL Bean Special-Edition 8"Boots Women
Blue, Red, and White Bean Boots for women available now

LL Bean Rubber Moc
New Colorway of women's Bean rubber Moc

Just a reminder from the Crispyfiles 1952 you can resole the boots

    L.L. Bean sweater game was pretty strong. Let's be honest one of the reasons we look forward towards fall and winter is because of bean boots and the sweaters. I really liked the Rollneck fisherman sweater. While the Irish fisherman sweater isn't made of wool it's cotton. Usually, fisherman sweaters are made from wool, but a cotton Irish fisherman should be popular with people who are allergic to wool and usually miss out from wearing cool sweaters. For men the sweater is available in two colors Sand dune heather and Indigo Blue. For those readers not happy with the Irish Fisherman sweater not being made of wool turn it into a layering piece by wearing a L.L. Bean Chamois shirt. Ladies, yes the shirt is also available for you so no reason to be stealing your boyfriend's sweater this season. No reason to be stealing the preppy boys sweaters since it's more affordable for you ladies. The sprout color, which is a shade between mustard and olive green is a perfect fall color. Ugly Christmas sweaters are included in the collection definitely need this one in my collection because years ago I came across to a bean sweater with a similar design.
LL Bean Signature Rollneck Sweater
Men's Rollneck Fisherman Sweater

LL Bean Women Fisherman Sweater
Women's Cotton Fisherman

My favorite piece of the women's line

   The outerwear department was impressive for women. Preppy staples like quilted jackets and waxed canvas jackets will be selling out quickly once the temperatures start to drop. The quilted is short and perfectly it falls at low hip. The orange is a great fall color mix in corduroy pants. The jacket comes with a two-way zipper if you get hot and need to ventilate. The second jacket which was probably my favorite piece of the collection was this waxed canvas shooting style jacket. This kind of style of the jackets I love to see in women. This style of jacket is the best because first of all they keep you dry from the rain, the second reason is that it's the ultimate layering jacket. The leather quilted jacket is going to be a popular item because it's perfect for the night.This elegant jacket features  diamond quilting and a stand collar.
Baxter State Parka
   In the outerwear department the Baxter state parka is the real deal if you're not familiar with this East coast classic. The parka is made for the harshest weather, featuring a TEK2 waterproof fabric and 650 fill goose down. The parka is rated below 45 degrees which make the polar vortex feel like fall. The vibrant red is old school if you want to relive the eighties. Please bring the green model that's my favorite colorway.

A description of the Chamois shirt from the 1958 catalog

Scotch Plaid Flannel Shirt (Blackwatch print)
Household means Mom, Dad and child have one Crispyfiles 1984
    The chamois shirt a staple in most households. If you want to learn more about the shirts check out the link here. The 1933 chamois shirt is supposed to have the same feel as the original shirt,  with a slim fit. The scotch plaid shirt in black watch print is a must have for fall mix it with a pair of bean boots and a vest. They're an  excellent layering piece. If you didn't know  about these shirts, they are legendary among loyal LL Bean customers because of their longevity and price. Another piece that I enjoyed seeing was the camo leather ends suspenders. These are actually the real suspenders. These suspenders are great to wear with wool pants.
Leather Ends Suspenders
Signature Country Walker
   In recent years shoes with wedge soles have been popular among men's fashion I was impressed with the Country Walker because of the price. With the whole Americana craze you will find a few brands offering a low top moc toe wedge oxford that is affordable. Inspired by the original 1959 L.L. Bean Oxford, updated for modern comfort. Premium full-grain leather construction with a Vibram® sole adds stability and support. The country walker was first offered in our 1959 catalog as a "sturdy service oxford," this distinctly  Our casual oxford is crafted from full-grain leather, with a Vibram® CHRISTY wedge sole for stability and support. Shiny nickel hardware and gold taslan laces. For $150.00 which is more cheaper and better than a Timberland boot. The current country walker looks identical to the original model just check out the vintage advertisement below

Country Walker 1969
   Most of the items on the post are available. Some other items wait patiently as it will soon fall into stock. Being a huge LL Bean fan some of the items bought me nostalgia because I remember seeing them in the vintage catalogs. Honestly, that's pretty much why I liked the collection so much. Well to me it had involvement of history. Collaborations with Woolrich left me surprised because it hasn't happened in a long time. Many people aren't aware that both brands collaborated before, for example the 60/40 parka. Many of these parkas were made in Woolrich factories. Bringing back the waxed canvas jacket was a brilliant idea. The waxed canvas jacket was very popular in the 80s. I never understood why it was discontinued. My prediction is that with the equestrian look, which is becoming more popular every year this jacket might achieve similar popularity to the classic L.L. Bean barn coat. L.L. Bean did a great job with the collection because it targets new and old consumers. Maintaining a relationship with older consumers, which I think is more important because the brand was built upon on having a satisfied customer. Many of the new customers are children of the old customers. That's what happens when you mix great customer service. Many old customers should be happy seeing the old logos, and new customers will like the old logo T-shirts because they probably want to relive their parents' era.  Classic pieces like quilted jackets and  moc toe wedge oxfords (signature country walker) are actually pretty affordable compared to other brands that sell it for $50 to $100 more. "Sell good merchandise at a reasonable profit, treat your customers like human beings, and they will always come back for more”, was once said by Leon Leonwood Bean. Everything is backed with a 100 % satisfaction guarantee. Many of the archived classic pieces are more fitted, and offered in more prints and colors to be more relevant to today's shoppers. Fall and winter is better dressed in LL Bean and you know it's true, so start clicking and start buying.

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