Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Treason Toting Co: A New Refreshment

Treason Toting Co
This color's caught my attention!

Treason Toting Co
Need this bag in my life
    It's always great seeing a new refreshing brand putting a new twist on something classic and traditional. For me that brand was Treason Toting Co. Treason Toting Co  is fairly new accessory brand with a very promising future. How treason came up is pretty similar to other stories of how other brands started. A person is in need of something or isn't happy with an item. They decided to create it for themselves and people want it. They pretty much said it best themselves, "Our passion for creating accessories and life complimenting products came from our inability to find goods that spoke to our specific style pallet. Our products speak to the creative class member with style, form and function".
    What caught my attention to Treason Toting Co bags was the color. The bags weren't available in the standard brown, and olive-green colors that are common in waxed canvas bags. I love olive-green, but it's a common color. Treason Toting Co offered the bags in a wonderful color options like pine green, blue, and  red. Yeah, Treason Toting Co is fairly new, but the craftsmanship of the products says a lot more. Magnets to keep the shoulder straps together and a storm flap over the zipper left me very impressed.  Brands that has been in the heritage game for a long time forget simple, yet important details like this. For example, North Face has this waxed canvas rucksack  with a pocket with a zipper on the top of the bag. This is the most  vulnerable area because the water is going to run into the zipper. Sturdy materials like 18 ounce duck canvas and 6 Oz top grain brown leather for the straps. All products are manufactured in the United States and mostly in Maryland. The bags come with a warranty if something occurs, thus making it a smart investment.The bags  are reasonably priced also the Gordon duffle goes for $250.00
    I really enjoyed talking with the guys their story is very inspiring for anybody that have an idea, but are afraid to pursue it. Not attempting to chase the masses is definitely the right track which I also do in my blog. I only write about stuff that I would actually wear. Treason Toting Co is definitely a brand that I would wear and if you read this blog so should you.
Treason Toting Co
The Gordon Duffle

Treason Toting Co
Back Bags and Iphone Case

Treason Toting Co

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