Saturday, August 16, 2014

Southern Proper iPhone Case Patchwork Madras

Southern Proper  iPhone Case

Show everyone that you're about the preppy lifestyle, not by your clothing, but by your cell phone accessory. Southern Proper has these awesome iPhone cell phone case that every preppy enthusiast needs to have. Southern Proper has again done itself with creativity by making a cellphone case featuring patchwork Madras. The case is decorated with anchors, cotton balls, fishes, etc. I'm a Samsung Galaxy S4 owner, and I feel pretty envious against all you iPhone users.  The case is available for iPhone 4/4s in a Slim Case, iPhone 5/5s Slim Case, iPhone 5/5s Two Piece Protective Case and Samsung Galaxy 3. The case is only available for the Samsung Galaxy S3. The case retails for $35.00 and it should be a must have item for back to school get it now. Viva #Sopro!

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