Saturday, June 28, 2014

My two picks from Murray’s Toggery for July 4th

Murray’s Toggery

Murray’s Toggery


With the fourth of July coming soon. I'm sure everyone is planning their outfits. I highly recommend for you to check out a Murray's Toggery for some authentic American preppy style. I honestly think that every preppy enthusiast, male or female needs a Nantucket Red Collection "Nantucket" Baseball Hat. A baseball cap the same shade as the famous Nantucket red pants? Yup! I need that cap in my closet ASAP. The cap only cost $30.00. I can only imagine the wonderful patina this cap will get after protecting your head from sunlight and rain. The famous pink patina that you get on the classic chinos. I love wearing go to hell or critter pants whatever you prefer to call it. It doesn't get better than whales on your nantucket reds chinos. The whale pants  go for $125. Just like the cap these go to hell pants will age gracefully and you will be the coolest guy on the 4th of July barbecue or country club.

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