Sunday, January 5, 2014

Stay Warm by Wearing Fjallraven Hats

Fjallraven Tur Heater
Mens Tur Heater $90.00
Fjallraven Fur on Fur Heater
Womens Fur on Fur Heater $100.00

    One fact about me is that I hate cold weather and one other fact you should know is that I hate  is seeing people dressed improperly in cold weather. It drives me crazy to see people on the street without a winter hat. It’s not cool and no you’re not setting a fashion statement. Did you know 30 % of your body’s heat is lost through the head? (Yup Crispy has facts!) If you want to even get more technical, you lose heat from any part of your body that comes in contact with a cold environment which usually hands, neck and head.
    I highly recommend these two stylish winter hats for men and women (Menswear and Womenswear enthusiasts I got your back!) from Fjallraven the Swedish brand definitely knows a thing or two about being outdoors. The hats that made my pick are the Tur Heater for men and the Fur on Fur Heater for women. The exterior of Tur Heater hat is made from Vinylon-F that is the same fabric used on the legendary Fjallraven Kånken backpack. The fabric is very durable and water-resistant naturally without a coating. Artificial fur on the inside. A visor protects against the snow while ear flaps that attach with a click buckle keep the chin and cheeks warm. A pair of extra, smaller ear flaps with "hearing holes" let in sound, can be folded up and attached with a button or left down when  cold wind is blowing. For women the Fur on Fur Heater is truly a winter hat. It has synthetic lining and protective ear flaps in wonderful long-haired synthetic fur. Visor that folds up and leather chin strap. Didn't your parents tell you to wear a hat?

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Woolrich Woolen Mills Fall/Winter 2014 Preview

   Here's the preview of Woolrich Woolen Mills for fall and winter 2014. Old is new again. I was honored to visit the Woolrich Woolen Mills showroom, two months ago. Woolrich, a heritage brand that I love dearly. I own several Woolrich items and plan to add more. Woolrich is returning to their roots by bringing back from the archives like goose down jackets in rip-stop nylon in the bright colors that we vintage heads love. The return of the wonderful sheep logo is back. Woolrich, one of the oldest outdoors companies that has outfitted us since 1830. With the Americana trend that has made a resurgence in the past years and anything Made in U.S.A being all over the menswear blogs I'm happy to see Woolrich going back to the classics. Numerous brands had been heavily influenced by Woolrich especially many brands coming from Japan trying to emulate mid-seventies and eighties outerwear style. Many of these brands sell their clothing for $400 plus range. Many of the classics will be returning in a slimmer tailored fit for the man in 2014. The Woolrich line will be available at several retailers like Dillards and Paragon Sporting Goods ranging from affordable to more limited expensive items. It's great the Woolrich will be available in a variety of retailers like Dillards and Paragon Sports because it will attract new customers that might not be familiar with the brand.

Crispy Pick : Woolrich John Rich & Bros. Woolrich Arctic Parka from J.Crew

Woolrich John Rich & Bros. Woolrich Artic Parka Womens J.Crew

   So winter has finally arrived; frigid temperatures and eight inches of snow has welcome 2014 in New York City and the East coast. If you’re searching for a warm and stylish winter jacket ladies I have the perfect jacket for you. I'm a huge jacket enthusiast and one jacket that I recommend for this 2014 winter is the Woolrich Arctic Parka from J.Crew. J. crew is offering the arctic parka in a wonderful shade of olive-green or maybe I'm being biased because it's my favorite color. The arctic parka is well-built parka that I highly approve of. The arctic park is full of goodies to keep you warm and dry.

Woolrich John Rich & Bros. Woolrich Artic Parka Womens J.Crew

 The parka will guarantee keep you warm with the 550 duck down fill. The exterior of the jacket is coated with Dupont Teflon which makes the jacket resistant to water and stains.  Faux fur-trimmed ruff on the  hood with keep your face warm and protected from the elements. It comes with two-way zippers, which is a great convenience when you want to get access to your pockets, but don't want to completely unzip your jacket because it might be cold.The jacket retails for $675, get on that Crispy womenswear tip so buy now before the whole J.Crew addict nation does

Woolrich John Rich & Bros. Woolrich Artic Parka Womens J.Crew
Woolrich John Rich & Bros. Woolrich Artic Parka Womens J.Crew

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Shoe Pick of the Week : Eastland Men's Eastbrook USA Realtree Camo Penny Loafer

Eastland Eastbrook USA Realtree Advantage Timber Camo Penny Loafer
  I'm the starting the first shoe pick of the week of 2014 with this bad ass beef roll penny loafer by Eastland. I'm a huge fan of penny loafers, especially if the loafer has a beef roll. I already mentioned before that the beef roll  balances the front part of a  penny loafer by giving the illusion of a wider stance. Penny loafers tend to look narrow without a beef roll. Eastland gave a timeless design little bit of youth with a dab of Realtree® camo.Camo continues to be a popular pattern no longer only used on clothing but being incorporated on footwear also. The loafer is  part of Eastland Made in Maine U.S. A collection. As usual Eastland uses the finest materials like Horween leather with hand rubbed finishes. Handsewn by skilled Maine shoemakers using a traditional true moccasin construction with genuine leather welt and double leather sole. Get on your preppy menswear tip by heading to Eastland website and buying a pair.They cost $400 dollars buts its's totally worth it  has everything you want Horween leather, Made in U.S.A, Beef roll design and did I mention Camo!

Eastland Men's Eastbrook USA Realtree  Camo Penny Loafer