Friday, December 13, 2013

Gifts for the Holidays Recommendation : Orley Knits Gifts Set

Arnoux Hat Olive $195

 Arnoux Hat Crimson $195

Arnoux Crimson Olive $295

Arnoux Scarf Crimson $295

   Hey everyone it’s that season for gifts. If you don’t know what to give someone then I recommend these perfect cold weather gifts that  are ideal for a "His and Hers" gift. Orley is a menswear brand specializing in knitwear, designed by Matthew Orley, Alex Orley and Samantha Florence. 
   Knitwear is always a great idea for gifts. They always come in handy when the weather turns ugly Someone should buy me an Orley gift set for the holidays it has been pretty cold in New York City this week. This holiday their specialty knit Arnoux hat and scarf come in a bright Red and dark Olive. I love the custom birdseye jacquard  pattern while keeping practical functionality Orley’s  hat and scarf set is also made with water-repellant coated merino wool making them perfect for any winter weather. Their knits are designed in New York City and made in Italy. Check out their website

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