Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Throw Back Preppy Thursdays: LL Bean 1936 Bean's Maine woods Compass

L.L.Bean's Maine woods Compass
For the throwback advertisement of the week from the crispyarchives is from L.L. Bean.This advertisement is from the 1936 fall catalog which features Bean's Maine woods Compass. The compass was created  by request from many big game hunters. The four points of the compass can be  seen very easy even on dark days. The compass has an arrow needle to not confuse the hunter with which direction is pointing North. The needle  is jeweled and balanced to offset dip. The compass in this advertisement came in a White Metal case retailing for $2.85. There was also one that came in a gold Bronze case which cost $3.15

Gift Pick: Corduroy Frat Hat in Khaki with Black Lab by Southern Proper

Corduroy Frat Hat in Khaki with Black Lab by Southern Proper
Corduroy Frat Hat in Khaki with Black Lab $28
Nice simple gift for the holidays for either a male or female is the Southern Proper Corduroy Frat cap in Khaki. I own three Southern Proper caps and I love them. A stylish simple gift for both genders. The corduroy looks great when worn with either a Barbour or a barn coat giving you an overall country look. This cap is a savior when you're having a bad hair day. Trust me, I had plenty bad hair day last semester I was hiding in my Southern Proper Frat cap. This cap is a hot buy and Country Club Prep is one of the only websites that haven't sold out yet.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Gifts for her Jcrew Excursion Vest

Jcrew Excursion Vest
Excursion Quilted Vest Deep Rivera $120
   Well I'm single :(, but the lucky guys that have a preppy girlfriend and don't know what to get her for the holidays don't worry I got you. I'm sure every preppy girl or female Jcrew addict has the Jcrew Excursion quilted vest on their wishlist. Yes guys, this vest is on every girl wishlist, just hastag Jcrew Excursion.  Jcrew offers the excursion vest in numerous colors from deep rivera or navy blue which I recommend to flamingo pink.The vest has a tailored look and it hits at the hip. The vest looks great for fall or is a great layering piece for those cold days in winter.

Orley Sample Sale Starts today

    Earlier I  recommended Orley knitwear as a great Christmas holiday gift item and if you're in New York City, then you are lucky because Orley is having a sample sale at 648 Broadway suite 10033 Between Bond and Bleecker, for three days and it begins today.

Gifts for the Holidays Recommendation : Orley Knits Gifts Set

Arnoux Hat Olive $195

 Arnoux Hat Crimson $195

Arnoux Crimson Olive $295

Arnoux Scarf Crimson $295

   Hey everyone it’s that season for gifts. If you don’t know what to give someone then I recommend these perfect cold weather gifts that  are ideal for a "His and Hers" gift. Orley is a menswear brand specializing in knitwear, designed by Matthew Orley, Alex Orley and Samantha Florence. 
   Knitwear is always a great idea for gifts. They always come in handy when the weather turns ugly Someone should buy me an Orley gift set for the holidays it has been pretty cold in New York City this week. This holiday their specialty knit Arnoux hat and scarf come in a bright Red and dark Olive. I love the custom birdseye jacquard  pattern while keeping practical functionality Orley’s  hat and scarf set is also made with water-repellant coated merino wool making them perfect for any winter weather. Their knits are designed in New York City and made in Italy. Check out their website

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Throw Back Preppy Thursdays: Woolrich Woolen Mills 1975

Woolrich Woolen Mills
For throwback Thursday enjoy this advertisement from my favorite  heritage brand Woolrich. This ad dates back to 1975.Nothing is more bad ass than wearing than wearing the full red and black lumberjack wool suit, rifle and mustache. Just reminding us how long they been keeping us warm. BAD ASS PICTURE POSTER IN MY ROOM WORTHY!

Woolrich X Danner Mill Street Boots

Woolrich X Danner Mill Street Boots

The item of the week belongs to Woolrich. This collaboration features two great heritage brands that outfitted America for so many years. Woolrich collaborated with Portland heritage brand Danner using the Danner Light silhouette. These boots are handcrafted in Portland, Oregon. These boots are so badass trust me I have seen them in person. The boot features full grain leather and Woolrich wool quarter panels. The wool is Alaskan twill which was spun in the Woolrich Woolen Mills. Complete with signature Danner green laces, a Vibram Gumlite Outsole and an Old Growth Collection emboss on the tongue.