Monday, November 25, 2013

Introducing HILLFLINT: The Mark One Sweater

Hi everyone! One fact about me if you know me personally or follow me on instagram is that I'm a notorious sweater lover. I love wearing sweaters from cardigans, crickets sweater to them ugly Christmas sweaters that everyone hates wearing.It's actually  hard to find a great looking sweaters in stores like Gap, or JcPenney, Banana Republic or H&M. Most clothing retailers don't offer quality sweaters. For me a quality sweater is defined by being made from natural fibers. I'm not a fan of synthetic fibers unless it's a fleece. Most sweaters nowadays are a blended have less wool and are more synthetic. The majority of my sweaters are from natural fibers.

A new brand is set to fix this problem. Hillflint startled by Woody Hines who help create one of my favorite preppy  website Prepidemic and Men of Habit. Hillflint was startled by Woody Hines (Princeton 12) and his friend John Shi (Darthmouth 12) A couple day ago Woody release his Kickstarter campaign to market and sell his first non-college branded product: a plain, varsity-inspired, and genuinely luxurious crewneck sweater. Everything seems going accordingly as they raise over 10,000 over in 12 hours. Also they accomplished their goal and are exceeding it with having raised 32,908 of the pledged goal that is 20,000.  You can check it out here: Please support!!!

Let me discuss  the actual sweaters. You're not going to find a better quality sweater than this one. The sweaters are made with nearly 1.5 pounds of super soft 100% extra-fine grade Australian Merino wool in seven gauge knit. Sweater is beyond soft that it feels like cashmere. Cut slimmer to avoid the frumpy muffin-effect of most sweaters and with a less elastic waistband to prevent the sweater from riding up the body with movement. The sweater focuses on many problems that wool sweaters face itchiness, bagginess, and hurts our pockets if we seek quality.  It only cost $85...amazing

I always wanted to have a sweater like this
   The design of the sweater was heavily influenced by the images of the book that many of us have been influenced by "Take Ivy". Woody told me, "Inspiration was really the same varsity tradition that inspired our Class year sweaters. Woody  met with Ed Heald, Dartmouth Class of '68, who is the guy in Take Ivy wearing the Class of 1968 sweater, and felt his sweater. Itchier wool, sure, but the quality was remarkable the way it was still holding up 50+ years later. We wanted to create something sporty and cool and well crafted and rooted in tradition like that, so we started with our Class year sweaters. Based on the feedback of our customers  they were so impressed by our quality/price ratio that they asked us to make solid knits without college branding  we decided it was worth it to try the Mark One".

   The sweaters are going to be a hot buy because all of us Ivy League enthusiasts wish to live in that wonderful era where wardrobe consisted of Madras, Weejuns, Chinos, Tennis shoes, Sports-coats and wool class sweaters. Wish you all the luck. Once again check out and support

Check out how the Mark one sweater compares to the other sweaters.

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