Thursday, November 28, 2013

Tucker Blair Needlepoint Key Fobs

TuckerBlair Needlepoint Key Fob Preppy
Hi everyone! I have a very bad habit at losing my keys at the most important times. Usually I lose my keys when I have to go to work, school or go to the gym. I tend to put my keys on top of my drawer, but it usually ends up in my drawer. A smart thing would be to not leave my keys on top of my drawer. I should hang my keys on a hook. I have tried to doing this, but that idea hasn't really work. It came to mind that I should get a Key Fob. A key fob is a great idea because I would actually hate losing it, I would actually pay attention where I leave my keys. One of my favorite preppy brands TuckerBlair makes these awesome needlepoint Keyfobs that I seriously need to get. It doesn't get more preppy than having a Crab or Labrador needlepoint key. 100% hand stitched cotton and Designed in the United States. It's also a good price only costing $25. Here’s five of the needlepoint key Fobs that I like. A great accessory I recommend to all my preppy key losers.

Tucker Blair Needle Point Key Fob Preppy
Crab and Beers

Tucker Blair Needle Point Key Fob Preppy

Tucker Blair Needle Point Key Fob Preppy
Mallard Duck

Tucker Blair Needle Point Key Fob Preppy

Tucker Blair Needle Point Key Fob Preppy
Jockey Silk Sweater

Monday, November 25, 2013

Introducing HILLFLINT: The Mark One Sweater

Hi everyone! One fact about me if you know me personally or follow me on instagram is that I'm a notorious sweater lover. I love wearing sweaters from cardigans, crickets sweater to them ugly Christmas sweaters that everyone hates wearing.It's actually  hard to find a great looking sweaters in stores like Gap, or JcPenney, Banana Republic or H&M. Most clothing retailers don't offer quality sweaters. For me a quality sweater is defined by being made from natural fibers. I'm not a fan of synthetic fibers unless it's a fleece. Most sweaters nowadays are a blended have less wool and are more synthetic. The majority of my sweaters are from natural fibers.

A new brand is set to fix this problem. Hillflint startled by Woody Hines who help create one of my favorite preppy  website Prepidemic and Men of Habit. Hillflint was startled by Woody Hines (Princeton 12) and his friend John Shi (Darthmouth 12) A couple day ago Woody release his Kickstarter campaign to market and sell his first non-college branded product: a plain, varsity-inspired, and genuinely luxurious crewneck sweater. Everything seems going accordingly as they raise over 10,000 over in 12 hours. Also they accomplished their goal and are exceeding it with having raised 32,908 of the pledged goal that is 20,000.  You can check it out here: Please support!!!

Let me discuss  the actual sweaters. You're not going to find a better quality sweater than this one. The sweaters are made with nearly 1.5 pounds of super soft 100% extra-fine grade Australian Merino wool in seven gauge knit. Sweater is beyond soft that it feels like cashmere. Cut slimmer to avoid the frumpy muffin-effect of most sweaters and with a less elastic waistband to prevent the sweater from riding up the body with movement. The sweater focuses on many problems that wool sweaters face itchiness, bagginess, and hurts our pockets if we seek quality.  It only cost $85...amazing

Friday, November 15, 2013

Lands'Ends Men's Scenic Fair Isle Crew Ugly Christmas Sweater Time

Lands' Ends Sweater
I need this sweater!!
The season has arrived for ugly Christmas sweaters doesn't get more preppy than walking with a sweater with reindeers, Christmastrees and snowflakes.I love getting into the Christmasspirit. Lands'Ends Canvas has this wonderful scenic fair isle crew sweater available for  men which I need to add to my never ending sweater collection. Made from rugged Lambswool yarn in a traditional Birdseye stitch that traps in the warmth and adds stability. I love that the sweater is 100% Lambswool, which is great because I'm not the biggest fan of synthetic fibers. Get it now before it sells out

Friday, November 8, 2013

Shoe of the week: Ghbass Glen Plaid Weejuns I'm Obsessed!

Glen Plaid Weejuns

 Good morning! I decided to stay home for some much needed rest. With my laptop and my coffee on my bed I was reading email and tweets. Staring at the burgundy Weejuns Logans sitting across from me it occurs in my head, "let me check out what's new from GhBass?” Browsing the Weejuns on the Ghbass website I stopped scrolling and see these wonderful Glen Plaid loafers which I obsessed. I love tweed which screams classic American prep. The Glen Check Plaid with a beefroll gives the loafers a very mature and refined look. Tweed is a great transition fabric for any preppy person for cold weather because in the warm weather we usually wear seersucker and madras. I am being the lover of textile prints that I am, this will be a much needed addition to my ever-growing collection of Ghbassweejuns. Get them now
Glen Plaid Weejuns

Absolutely love this print

Glen Plaid Weejuns

Glen Plaid Penny Loafers
Leather Soles

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Throw Back Preppy Thursdays: Ralph Lauren at Bloomingdales 1971

Ralph Lauren
From the Crispy archives enjoy this great ad of a young Ralph Lifshitz in Bloomingdales. I believe this was when he had the small Polo boutique store. He startled the brand by selling wide ties like the one he has on during a time  that skinny ties were trendy. Actually Bloomingdales wanted to sell Ralph Lauren ties under their name not under Polo.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Eastland 1955 Collection at Bloomingdales Mens Fall 2013

Get your boots with cool engravings

Sherman Boot with anchor engravings

Some of the best shoes that I own are Eastlandalso, some of my longest lasting shoes are Eastland.  Check out Eastland 1955 Collection, which is now available at Bloomingdales 59th street and online, but I highly recommend for you to come in person because on Thursday, November 7 from 6pm to 8p. Becausewith each purchase of an Eastland shoe on that day you can get them engrave for free. The 1955 collection was created in 2010 to commemorate the brands 55th anniversary. In its 58th year still going very strong. The boots are not made in the United States. However, I can assure you they're great quality because I own three pairs and two I had for more than five years. They are made from the highest quality materials like fine leather, Vibram and natural plantation crepe soles. If you read the blog you'll know how much I love Vibram soles. Vibram in any boot is quality.
Sherman $225

  One of my favorite boots in the collection is the Sherman. The Sherman is an 8 inch Moc workboot is a handsewn boot featuring premium leather and rawhide laces. Great boot for the fall that would look great with a pair of denim or corduroys. It features the Vibram Christy sole industrial outsole provides slip-resistance, durability and shock-absorbing cushioning for all-day comfort.

Eastland 1955 Collection at Bloomingdale's Launch Event November 7

Example of the an Engrave boot by Smith Street tattoo

One of my favorite footwear brand Eastland will be having an Event at 59th Street Bloomingdales on Thursday, November 7 from 6pm to 8pm.Which will host Tattoo artist Steve Boltz and Bert Krak of Smith StreetTattoo for a leather engraving event. Steve and Bert will be doing awesome tattoo distinctive engravings in a variety of motifs to the Eastland 1955 Collection signature boots, loafers, and camp mocs available for sale at Bloomingdale's. Purchase a pair of Eastland shoes and get them engraved for free to have a unique pair that nobody else will have. Steve and Bert can add motifs like an anchor, eagle, swallow, or a USA inspired design which will be done on-site. Which means you can witness the coolness. Did I mention that the music will be spun by DJ Franco? Refreshments will be provided by Don Q Cristal Rum and Maine based brewery Shipyard. Definitely sounds like a great event. I  will be there you should also.