Thursday, October 31, 2013

Throw Back Preppy Thursdays: WoolRich Woolen Mills 1962 Ivystyle

WoolRich Woolen Mills
Today from the Crispyarchives enjoy this ad from a heritage brand that I truly love and greatly respect. This advertisement is dedicated to everyone that comes from the Ivy league area that attended any of the top 8 Ivy League schools. This is a 1962 ad from Woolrich in which features three students from Harvard, Yale and Princeton.  I completely agree wool is better it lasts longer and feels better. Wool is the reason why I look forward for fall. Wool has that feeling that polyester can't achieve. Wow check out the prices for the clothes wish clothes were still that price. Students should dress like also remember first impression said a lot enjoy. Oh yeah I'm wearing a WoolRich sweater. These  young scholars are on the right foot by wearing the essentials a true gentleman should have in his closet a toggle duffle coat, Blizzard coat with a shearling on the collar and a Popover. I'm taking notes, you should as well!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ball and Buck X Danner Light boot

Ball and Buck X Danner Light boot
Hey everyone, one of my favorite brands that I discover on instagram is BallandBuck . Why BallandBuck? Because they’re a great brand that makes quality products here in the good ol U.S.A. I’m a big advocate of clothing made here in the U.S.A. Honestly; I love the brand I will be buying some products very soon. You will be seeing this brand very often on this blog. I will be talking more about the brand in the future because I have a lot good things to say. Today launches a great collaboration that many of you readers will love. BallandBuck got together with legendary boot company Danner which I have featured before on my blog before. 
Ball and Buck X Danner Light boot

Monday, October 14, 2013

1946 Florsheim Oxfords shoes

Vintage Florsheim

From the Crispyfiles enjoy this ad from Florsheim dating back from 1946. What a great deal $10.50 for oxfords. Those were the days when quality took place of quantity. Now days if you’re into menswear and you want quality oxfords you must shell out $200 or more.