Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Throw Back Preppy Thursdays: BURBERRYS Tielocken Trench 1916

Orginal Burberry Trench Coat Tielocken Trench
The Trench coat shown in this advertisement is the Burberry Tielocken. The Tielocken is the father of the modern day trench coat. It was originally worn by military officials. It was introduced in 1895. Designed by Thomas Burberry, he developed a gabardine which was a very light fabric that was tear proof and waterproof. The yarn was waterproof before weaving. The jacket was very convenient it was breathable; it had very little buttons only one button which it was located on the upright collar. It was a long overcoat with overlapping fronts. The Tielocken was intended to be a comfortable jacket for soldiers during inclement weather.

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