Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Boast USA At Country Club Prep

Boast USA Tennis Shirt, Polo Shirt

Tipped Polo in White with Red and Navy

Boast USA Tennis Shorts

Match Shorts in White with Red and Navy Tips

Tennis color Boast USA Polo Shirt

Limited Edition Classic Polo in Tennis Ball Yellow

Boast USA Tennis Dress

Pleated Tennis Dress in White

Boast USA Tennis Shirt

Women's Solid Classic Pique Polo in Kelly Green

Boast USA Tennis Shirt

Women's Tipped Polo in White with Red and Navy

     I have a fashion blog however, my blog differs from most fashion blogs because mines focuses on mainly on preppy clothing. I like showcasing up and coming preppy brands that everyone may not know about. I also love when an old brand comes back. That's the story with Boast USA. For the people not familiar with the brand, Boast USA is the infamous tennis shirt brand because of its Japanese Maple Leaf that resemble to a Marijuana leaf. It was the cool polo shirt to wear in the eighties when you had three other options Izod Lacoste, Fred Perry, and Polo Ralph Lauren. The tennis shirts were very popular in country clubs in the eighties. In the early nineties the brand took a step back from the mass market and was only seen in county clubs. Many people thought that the brand went out of business. The brand was bought back to life by John Dowling and Alexander Tiger, who are tennis enthusiast and longtime fans of Boast.
     I was checking my email when I came across to the good news the preppy e-commerce website Country Club Prep is carrying Boast USA.Here are some of my favorite stuff that country club is carrying from Boast. Get into the old school tennis player look with a polo shirt in white with red and blue stripes on the collar. I really see myself wearing the match shorts I really love them. I really could use the shorts now with the heat wave in New York City. Of course I would be wearing Tretorn Nylites only appropriate. The shorts reminded me of the ones shown in the ads that I usually present on my blog. Creativity is seen in the tennis shirt that is limited edition in the colorway of a tennis ball. Tennis dresses for any female serious to play a game. Yup!
     Overall, great addition to Country Club Prep to adding a legendary brand. Strong lineup while staying true to its roots. Also, be sure to read the history of the brand

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