Wednesday, June 19, 2013

La Matera Argentinean Style Surcingle Belts

    I love instagram because it gives me the opportunity to meet other brands that I probably wouldn’t hear of. Last week I came across to LaMatera on instagram. I decided to check out their website and I was dazzled. One clothing accessory that people should give in more detail when dressing is a belt. A belt is a wonderful accessory that can make an outfit stand out. If you know me personally or seen my outfits on instagram you will know that I love wearing surcingle belts during summer. Surcingle belts are a standard accessory in preppy fashion during warm weather.

LaMatera is a relatively new brand startled by two siblings Alex and Brook Shroud. The inspiration behind belts comes from a trip in Southern Argentina in which they stayed with gauchos which is the equivalent to a cowboy. Alex and Brook admired the belts that the cowboys were wearing. Remember quote this, “The origins of all preppy clothing leads back either to sportswear or the country wear.”

I really like the Bariloche belt in green and khaki.I really see myself wearing this one. Its a fabric belt with vegetable tanned leather. Which translates to my non leather enthusiasts is a belt that ages wonderfully and can be an heirloom in the future. The fabric comes from Argentina with a sturdy solid brass buckle that will have plenty of life. A combination of great quality materials is reason one why you should buy the belt. Reason two would be the belts are handcrafted here in U.S.A. Overall LaMatera is on the right foot with thinking outside the box avoiding the traditional preppy nautical code flags or whales designs making themselves stand apart. Giving the a new take on surcingle belts by mixing traditional Argentinean prints. You can buy the belts at

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