Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Throw Back Preppy Thursdays:Vintage Brooks Brothers Mens 1941 Ad

Brooks Brothers Blazer
Brooks Brothers Shirts
I have been on a hiatus lately been busy. I have been preoccupied with school, errands, etc.But I'm back! Today on the Crispy files I will showing some print advertisement from my favorite clothing retailer Brooks Brothers. You know that good ol store located at 346 Madison Ave.
These vintage Brooks Brothers print advertisements are from 1941 and it features a tropical worsted suit. If you are wondering what's a worsted suit? A worsted fabric is woven from a blend of wool and synthetic yarn like polyester or acrylic. A worsted fabric is usually the preferred summer fabric because it absorbs perspiration. It's very light, you can tell by usually holding and noticing its porosity. Other properties that worsted fabric has, it doesn't wrinkle easy and goes back to its shape. On the second ad it features men's shirts, shorts and pants. Summer is around the corner!! Stay Crispy My Friends!!! Happy 195th anniversary Brooks Brothers!

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