Saturday, March 16, 2013

Throwback Pic: Salvatore Ferragamo Vara 1987 Advertisement

   From the Crispyarchives today I have one dedicated just for my female readers. Here is an advertisement from Salavatore Ferragamo, which dates to 1987. The model shown in the advertisement is the popular "Vara" model. The "Vara" model first came out in 1978 and it was created by Salvatore oldest daughter Fiamma Ferragamo.

Fiamma Ferragamo wearing the shoes

   Comfort was the priority when designing this model it took a couple of seasons to get the perfect shape. The shoe was given a low heel and round toe. The heel is 1 ¼ inches tall. The bow goes through a small gold plaque bearing Salvatore Ferragamo logo. The design of the shoe was accidental. The prototype had a bow made from a strip of grosgrain which was supposed to be leather. The modeler misunderstood this and kept the grosgrain bow for the final model. Good thing that the modeler made this inference cause it looks better with grosgrain. Coming from a man point of view the shoe has been very popular with women because of its minimalist design. It doesn't have too much of anything every detail is well proportioned.

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