Friday, February 22, 2013

Capsule Trade Show 2013 A/W: Rocky Mountain Featherbed Vest

   I finally was able to see a Rocky Mountain Featherbed Vest in person. The vest that I hope to one day to own was in front of me. I couldn't remember the last time that I was this excited in front of clothes. The vest (I'm obsessed with the vest) that on a weekly basis I check on eBay in hopes of being lucky and finding it in affordable price was right in from of me not just one, but in every material that I could desire. I honestly didn't want to leave the booth. I was filled with questions that I thought were never going to be answer.

   I was always curious why the vest were so expensive, but it all makes sense, when you get to see one in person. You get witness the superlative meticulous craftsmanship. For example, the down is hand stuff which is unheard of. They use Hungarian goose down which is one of the best quality goose down (North Face uses it). The nylon taffeta is very hard to find, the jackets have 70-denier nylon shell. The leather yoke on vest isn't just for aesthetic reason it actually has a purpose. For example, they use a seamless single piece leather yoke which is stronger than the two pieces seen on a Penfield.
    The vest that really caught my eye is the classic Christy Vest in Navy/Yellow color combo. There are better looking vests, but that's my personal favorite. I'm sure the camo print one will be a collectible. My second favorite would have to be corduroy. Corduroy just feels right in cold weather and ages wonderfully. Honestly, all the vests were my favorite I'll be happy owning any of them.

Simply Wow!

A Beauty!!!!

Gran Teton Collection Camo

Harris Tweed

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