Thursday, February 21, 2013

Capsule Trade Show 2013 A/W: Eastland

   There are some brands that I must always see when I go to the Capsule Trade Show. Eastland is one of the brands I always look forward to seeing their new lineup. Very amiable always great talking to Jim and his two sons Joshua and Jordan.
   Eastland switched it up a little bit for the 2013A/W. Eastland bought out from the archives the Fringed Loafer with the side buckle. I always have wanted to own a pair of these loafers for a long time. I haven't had the luck finding my size on eBay. I always find women's sizes. This might be my favorite shoe to come out from the lineup, which is a very strong statement since the Yarmouth and Falmouth are my daily shoes. The fringed loafer with the side buckle is the perfect shoe for the crispy gentleman since it's not too casual like the boat shoe this loafer. The loafers are available in black, brown and green (which in my opinion are the best looking one).I must get a pair.

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