Thursday, February 21, 2013

Capsule Trade Show 2013 A/W: Boast Return of the Cool Tennis Shirt

I will say it now and say it again I knew about Boastusa for a long time.I always admired its history. I'm happy the brand has been revive. The real cool tennis shirt is back and better than ever with a line consisting of tennis shoes, sweaters, and tote bags. Back in the day it was just shorts, and cricketsweaters along with some other gear. But now the line has expanded greatly. Yup! The return of the cool tennis shirt that will put all the other tennis shirts logos to shame. My favorite pieces was the collaboration with Tretorn and sweater in a birdseye pattern.John Dowling and Alexander Tiger kept the brand genuine by making it available at sporting goods stores like Paragon. Two thumbs up for keeping the brand tennis heritage alive. This dosen't happen often when an old brand gets revive and stays the same. I have seen brands that have been revive and done a 180 completely different.

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