Saturday, February 23, 2013

Capsule Trade Show 2013 A/W: Lavenham

Lavenham quilted jacket
   If you already didn't know I love British clothing. Let me rephrase this, I appreciated anything British I just realized that I wrote an article about the Bentley R-type. I was very excited to see Lavenham A/W 2013 look for men at Capsule Trade Show. If you didn't know Lavenham has been in the quilted game for a while.In 1969 Mrs Elliot started The Lavenham Rug Company in Lavenham village - The first nylon quilted horse rug was made. This classic British heritage brand has been around since 1969, producing diamond quilt rugs for horses. A lot of people don't know it was Lavenham that first startled quilted clothing. This transcended for the need of making matching waist coats and jackets for the equestrian rider.
   Lavenham set itself apart from the other brands that produce quilted clothing by offering the jackets in other materials besides nylon. Most quilted jackets are made from nylon material and look the same the only difference might be the quality. A quilted jacket made from wool is a brilliant idea that I'm sure many brands will follow. I own a quilted jacket as elegant they are, they're not the warmest jacket which why I wear them more in autumn and spring. My favorite picks would be obviously the wool quilted jackets and the camo print one. The camo print one really caught me by surpise, I'm aware that Lavenham uses prints for their jackets, but this one had me in awe. I totally see this jacket being worn by many bloggers in fashion shows. The camo print trend seems to be getting stronger each season (not only limited on shorts, pants and shirts).

Lavenham quilted jacket

Lavenham Camo quilted jacket

Lavenham Camo Quilted Jacket
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Lavenham wool quilted jacket

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