Saturday, February 23, 2013

Capsule Trade Show 2013 A/W: Lavenham

Lavenham quilted jacket
   If you already didn't know I love British clothing. Let me rephrase this, I appreciated anything British I just realized that I wrote an article about the Bentley R-type. I was very excited to see Lavenham A/W 2013 look for men at Capsule Trade Show. If you didn't know Lavenham has been in the quilted game for a while.In 1969 Mrs Elliot started The Lavenham Rug Company in Lavenham village - The first nylon quilted horse rug was made. This classic British heritage brand has been around since 1969, producing diamond quilt rugs for horses. A lot of people don't know it was Lavenham that first startled quilted clothing. This transcended for the need of making matching waist coats and jackets for the equestrian rider.
   Lavenham set itself apart from the other brands that produce quilted clothing by offering the jackets in other materials besides nylon. Most quilted jackets are made from nylon material and look the same the only difference might be the quality. A quilted jacket made from wool is a brilliant idea that I'm sure many brands will follow. I own a quilted jacket as elegant they are, they're not the warmest jacket which why I wear them more in autumn and spring. My favorite picks would be obviously the wool quilted jackets and the camo print one. The camo print one really caught me by surpise, I'm aware that Lavenham uses prints for their jackets, but this one had me in awe. I totally see this jacket being worn by many bloggers in fashion shows. The camo print trend seems to be getting stronger each season (not only limited on shorts, pants and shirts).

Friday, February 22, 2013

Capsule Trade Show 2013 A/W: Rocky Mountain Featherbed Vest

   I finally was able to see a Rocky Mountain Featherbed Vest in person. The vest that I hope to one day to own was in front of me. I couldn't remember the last time that I was this excited in front of clothes. The vest (I'm obsessed with the vest) that on a weekly basis I check on eBay in hopes of being lucky and finding it in affordable price was right in from of me not just one, but in every material that I could desire. I honestly didn't want to leave the booth. I was filled with questions that I thought were never going to be answer.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Capsule Trade Show 2013 A/W: Boast Return of the Cool Tennis Shirt

I will say it now and say it again I knew about Boastusa for a long time.I always admired its history. I'm happy the brand has been revive. The real cool tennis shirt is back and better than ever with a line consisting of tennis shoes, sweaters, and tote bags. Back in the day it was just shorts, and cricketsweaters along with some other gear. But now the line has expanded greatly. Yup! The return of the cool tennis shirt that will put all the other tennis shirts logos to shame. My favorite pieces was the collaboration with Tretorn and sweater in a birdseye pattern.John Dowling and Alexander Tiger kept the brand genuine by making it available at sporting goods stores like Paragon. Two thumbs up for keeping the brand tennis heritage alive. This dosen't happen often when an old brand gets revive and stays the same. I have seen brands that have been revive and done a 180 completely different.

Capsule Trade Show 2013 A/W: Eastland

   There are some brands that I must always see when I go to the Capsule Trade Show. Eastland is one of the brands I always look forward to seeing their new lineup. Very amiable always great talking to Jim and his two sons Joshua and Jordan.
   Eastland switched it up a little bit for the 2013A/W. Eastland bought out from the archives the Fringed Loafer with the side buckle. I always have wanted to own a pair of these loafers for a long time. I haven't had the luck finding my size on eBay. I always find women's sizes. This might be my favorite shoe to come out from the lineup, which is a very strong statement since the Yarmouth and Falmouth are my daily shoes. The fringed loafer with the side buckle is the perfect shoe for the crispy gentleman since it's not too casual like the boat shoe this loafer. The loafers are available in black, brown and green (which in my opinion are the best looking one).I must get a pair.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Classic Car of the Month: Bentley R-Type

   The Car of the month is an automobile that screams elegance. England is no stranger when it comes to luxury cars. In my opinion, I consider the U.K. a leader in luxury automobiles. I could name numerous classic vehicles (so don't argue with me).

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Throw Back Prep Thursdays:Vassar College Girls in Penny Loafers

From the Crispyarchives I love seeing pictures from the Vassar College which used to be an all women college. I wish all girls in every campus would dress like this. Their style is so elegant yet so nonchalant. They looked comfortable in every setting from the classrooms to outside the campus.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Obsessed Item of the Week:Duluth Timber Cruiser Pack Canoe Pack


Humongous Bag
Meticulous craftsmanship just look at the rivets on the bag

   The obsessed item of the week is this canoe pack from Duluthpack. I have wanted to own a canoe pack for a long time. I don't know where to find one in NYC. For anybody looking for a quality waxed canvas bag that most likely will outlive them, then I suggested for you to look into this brand. Actually I'm not obsessed with just the canoe pack, I liked all the bags in the website. I see myself wearing any of them.
   One of the canoe packs that caught my eye is the Timber Cruiser Pack - Canoe Pack. This colossal beast of a bag is a beauty of superlative craftsmanship. This 18-ounce bag is big enough to put any of your require needs for travel, hiking, hunting or if you are a messenger in the metropolis city like New York City. With dimensions of 23H x 21W x 6D and being 76.85L there's isn't many things that cannot fit in this gigantic bag. This bag can carry any load; I doubt this bag will fail you. Reason why I say this because the bag has leather shoulder straps and 1-inch wide riveted leather flap straps (which means these straps can handle any herculean task of a heavy load without ripping). The bag comes with internal map pocket, and two side slip pockets with weep holes. Adjustable side straps to hold your axe or camera tripod.The canoe pack has a double bottom since usually that's the part of a backpack that takes the most abuse. Another thing that makes this bag so attractive is that its made in the U.S.A. I always support products made in America and its warranty. The warranty is "Guaranteed for life"
   What I like the most about the bag is that it comes with a Tumpline. A tumpline is rarely seen nowadays in most backpacks. For the people that aren't familiar with a tumpline, it is a strap attached to both ends of a sack or backpack to carry the object by placing the strap over the top of the head. This transfer the weight of the load carried to the spine, rather than to the shoulders and hips.     
   In conclusion, if you're looking for a bag to aged beautifully and have stories to tell about that you can probably hand to another generation then this is the bag. Well worth the investment buy it here

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Throw Back Thursday: Bass Outdoor Footwear

From the Crispyarchives I came across to this Bass advertisement dating back to 1956. If you didn't know, Crispy fact of the day is that Bass produce not only loafers and oxfords, but also had many rugged outdoor shoes for example Moc Toe boots, duck boots and camp mocs in the line up.

Project Trade Show : Chippewa

Vibram sole
One of the brands that I looked forward seeing at the trade show was Chippewa. Chippewa has been in the work boot game for a while. The brand was established in October 1901 in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. First time seeing the boots in person and I was left with a great impression. The boots are complete package featuring Vibram soles which provides comfort and longevity. Horween leather is used which will aged beautifully. Great boots I actually want a pair myself.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Grace Kelly in Weejuns


Enjoy this pic of the beautiful Grace Kelly in a pair of weejuns.

Project Tradeshow: Pendleton The Portland Collection

Last week, I was at Project trade show and one of the first booths that I came across to was Pendleton. I have noticed that I have been putting up many Oregon brands in my blog. Here's some snapshots that I took of the Portland collection. This collection is entirely made in the U.S.A. The fabrics come the Pendleton Mills.
Utility Clutch

Hells  Canyon Duffel Coat ,Lonerock Duffel Bag, Fringed Scarf

Fringed Scarf on the top right,