Sunday, January 20, 2013

Obsessed:Rocky Mountain Featherbed Christy Vest

I have been looking for a down vest with a leather yoke for a long time. A couple of years of ago I came across to Rocky Mountain Featherbed Vest. Ever since, I came across to this jacket I have been obsessed. I have been searching for the vest on EBay; to find one at an affordable price.

    For the people that not acquainted with the brand here's a little background info. It was established in Jackson, Wyoming in the late 60s. The brand was very popular because of their excellency in outerwear for skiers and hikers which gave them a distinction (which explains their value on eBay). The brand disappears in the 1980's but came back in 2005, when a brand called 35 summers bought back the brand.
    The brand is responsible for incorporating a leather yoke on a down vest. The addition of a leather yoke is fashionable but also practical. The leather yoke prevents heat lost at the shoulders. The Christy Vest is a work of art. Using 70-denier nylon, which provides ruggedness and goose down to provide warmth. Meticulous crafted, the goose down was hand stuffed which I left me speechless when I found out. Your neck will be toasty with the Sheep wool collar lining. Luxurious detailing is displayed with Brass and pearl push stud buttons. Someday I will own this vest.

Brass and pearl push stud buttons.

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