Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Eastland Men's Fryeburg USA Bow Tie Tassel Loafer

   This morning, I decided to go on Eastland website to check out some camp mocs (Yes I have an obsession with that shoe) when I came across to these crispy looking loafers. Made from Horween Leather which will age beautifully. This tassel slip-on loafer is hand sewn by skilled shoe makers in Maine, USA. Embellish with side deck lacing and contrast top-stitch detail. Authentic traditional moccasin construction is used on this loafer, as it features a leather welt. Which would place this loafer, in the same quality category with other high quality shoe brands such Allen Edmonds, Alden, and Church. A double leather sole will get this loafer longevity, which means this shoe could be passed on to another generation. The Fryeburg USA Bow Tie Tassel Loafer is more of grow up loafer for the gentleman seeking an alternative to boat shoes and penny loafers. Stay crispy and buy them at Eastland

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