Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New Bass Weejuns Larson Colorways

Hi preps! The other day I was checking out G.H. Bass & Co and I came across to these gorgeous Weejuns. The Weejun is a quintessential shoe that I highly urge any prepster to have in their closet. The Weejun is usually seen in the popular burgundy color way. Being the owner of two pairs of Bass loafers one being black and the other one being burgundy, I literally had a panic attack when I saw the new color ways of green and blue. Any prep wear enthusiast for a fact knows that they can never be satisfied with owning one color of the weejun. It's not even December and I already added these bad boys to my Christmas list.Go buy them at

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Throw Back Prep Thursdays: Thanksgiving with JFK

 Happy Thanksgiving!!! My Throwback Prep Thursday will be preppy President John F.Kennedy pardoning the Thanksgiving turkey.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

L.L. Bean Lounger Boot is Back

 A very popular item from L.L. Bean is back. The much requested L.L.Bean Lounger Boot has return for 2012. The Lounger Boot is a prep classic especially in the South. I never understood why it was discontinued. The boot has an adequate height of nine inches with an adjustable buckle. The boot will be only be available in Men sizes. I wouldn't be surprised if it becomes available in women's sizes in the future since it was  popular with women in the 80s. The boot will be sold on the L.L.Bean Signature line. 

Old pair of Lounger Boots

My Picks from Ralph Lauren Vintage

Last week, I mention Ralph Lauren launching their Ralph Lauren Vintage line. The new line seems like it's going to be a great success. Last week, I checked out the website on its first day (Wednesday) and on Thursday many items were sold out. I'm aware of the vintage Polo phenomenon, but wow one day later so many items sell out? Ralph Lauren "Western Collection" captivates America on point during the Western times. I have been visiting too frequently the website because it puts me in a different time. Oh yeah, "Don't hesitate if you see an item that catches your eye because it will sell out fast"! Check it out now at

Women Chambray Prairie Wrap Dress

Hand Painted Lambskin Jacket Back View

Women Hand Painted Lambskin Jacket-

Hand painted lambskin jacket

Women Rancher 39-s leather jacket

Womens Veteran riding-jacket

Women Shearling lined duster

Cow hide and leather-satchel

Mens Desert Leather newsboy-jacket

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Potrait of an American Craftsman - Frank Clegg

Portrait of An American Craftsman - Frank Clegg from Marcus Troy on Vimeo.
I should be sleeping at this time it's real late. But I had to watch this short video of Frank Clegg by Marcus Troy. Then I wonder why I'm very sleepy the next day. One of the Leather Good's brands that I have the most respect for is Frank Clegg. I completely agreed with Frank when he said: "I asked myself all the time why is it important for American made products come back? I never understood why it ever left? I just can't understand why we develop everything we come up with our own designs, we come up with our techniques of doing things and then we just handed it to somebody else to make the products for us" I never understand why it left as well. I don't think people need to go to a European brand to get a high quality bag. I find it very sad that the majority of American consumers tend to purchase products from other countries instead of here. What I find ironic is the brands of high luxury bags people usually tend to buy like Gucci and Louis Vuitton aren't outsourced. They're made right there in France and Italy. I'm a huge fan of Frank Clegg work because his bag is Made here in the U.S.A. He doesn't put any conspicuous logos on the bags. I havn't seen the bags in person, but I do visit the website often and the unparalleled craftsmanship is quite perceptible.

Ralph Lauren Announce New Label Ralph Lauren Vintage

This was hand painted
Available in RL Vintage

Ralph Lauren has been in the fashion news lately. Last week I mention the closing of Rugby which was a sudden surprise in the fashion industry. Now Ralph Lauren is announcing a new label called "Ralph Lauren Vintage". Can you guess what's the line going to be about? The line is going to about vintage Ralph Lauren pieces from its 40 years. This line is targeted to Ralph Lauren consumers that like getting hold of rare pieces. For example, rare highly collectiables like the beloved Polo Bear and the Flag Sweater will be included in the line. What I like about Ralph Lauren Vintage is the "Bring it Back" program which allows the consumer contribute by allowing them pick classic products from the past and bring them back into production. In this line, history repeats its-self. What is old is revive and called new again. What do you think?

Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Frat Collection Get 10% off Promo Code

Hi, my preppy readers I have a small gift for you. A generous friend gave me a promo code for The Frat Collection.The Frat Collection is one of my favorite brands that I discover on instagram,They  have a very nonchalant style preppy shirts and sweaters. I’m not a greedy individual, so I’m sharing this promo code with you guys. You can save a couple of dollars when you type in the code “URI” you’ll get 10% off every order. Plus you’re doing a great deed because 10% of your purchase goes towards a charity of your choice. “How good is that?” Remember to use the code “URI” to save a couple of bucks. Remember being parsimonious at the right time is preppy,

Thursday, November 8, 2012

J.Press X Ovadia & Sons Collaboration

   Two menswear giants have gotten together to do a tremendous collaboration. J.Press and Ovadia & Sons have gotten together to do biggest collaboration of the year for menswear. J.Press is one of the oldest brands specializing in the Ivy League Look; J.Press has been around since 1902. They're the premier Ivy League clothing brand. I was checking the J.Press website a while ago and came across to this quote, "Classic American Style isn't created in an instant. It takes time. In fact, it takes a generation worth of thoughtful refinement and an unwavering commitment to dress men to Ivy League Standard. That's been our commitment since 1902". The brand started in Yale University, which explains that close relationship with the university. The brand has been around for 110 years, which is quite an achievement.
   Ovadia & Sons is a fairly recent brand that has been appearing in the menswear blogosphere. It's hard to believe that Ovadia & Sons only been around since 2010. They seem like they have been around for at least ten years. But the truth is the brother's actually have been doing this for a while. The brother started working in their family business, which was children apparel from an early age. They don't have formal design experience  besides working in their family business which I'm completely astounded. I like this collaboration. While both brands target is menswear, they both have different age groups. J.Press is praised in the Ivy League Community. In fact, they're the epitome of the Ivy League look along with Brooks Brother's. J.Press is more popular, with the old school generation that is traditional. J.Press encapsulates American Ivy League wear. Times have change and the Ivy League look in fact has had resurgence in the past two years. There's has been a cessation of baggy pants in men in the past years. Men are starting to want to dress like real gentleman again.
   The line consists of quintessential Ivy League wear. Ovadia & Sons gave the line a more appealing look by making the line overall fitted. You can say it is a rejuvenated look to Ivy League style for the 21st century man. Others brands have tried to captivate the Ivy League style look, but fail. For example, Rugby was one of those brands with an exorbitant amount of logos and patches. I liked their slippers and accessories. But their varsity jackets and rugby polos were an eyesore.
   The collaboration is a mixture of J.Press traditional classic style with Ovadia & Sons exquisite tailoring resulting in a more fitted look for today's modern gentleman. Ovadia & Sons influence is quite obvious for example, floral print shirts, pants with drawstrings and cargo pants. However, I find the last picture out of placed, doubt I would find gym attire in an original J.Press catalog. What I do like is that the Ivy League look essentials were never taken out. All the essentials that would bring the regular J.Press customer and new together would be the Madras patchwork blazer, bow ties, ocbd, obviously the color pink ,trench coats and embossed stripe scarves. Not to mention the very casual looks mixed with the Tretorns Nylities.
   In conclusion, extraordinary line that left me impressed with most looks. Ovadia & Sons gave J.Press a more updated look by adding a few trends in and there to attract the younger crowd that may not have heard of J.Press. There are two looks that I didn't like. I'm very curious on the price on the clothes. This collaboration will benefit both brands for example; maybe it might bring Ovadia & Sons the traditional older crowd that doesn't read fashion magazines and menswear blogs. What's your opinion on this collaboration? Is it a good or bad?

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Throw Back Prep Thursdays Chipp Clothier

I decided to bring it way back with this Throw Back Prep Thursday segment with a ad by  well-known Ivy League clothier Chipp. A very brief summary about Chipp. Chipp was founded by Lou Prager and Sidney Winston in 1947. Sidney Winston worked for J.Press before he founded Chipp. The Ivy League clothier dressed President John F.Kennedy. The clothier sets itself apart from its fellow Ivy League look clothiers by offering clothes in more color. Chipp also introduced embroidered corduroys, and patch madras. I will write a more thorough article on Chipp soon. Stay Crispy!!!

JFK wearing Chipp

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tory Burch Files Counterclaims aganist Husband

    The conflict between Tory Burch and her ex-husband brand C-Wonder continues. This morning, designer Tory Burch file counterclaims against her ex-husband lawsuit. Chris Burch helped start the Tory Burch brand. I startled following this so called war for a month after seeing a documentary on her on Abc. Chris Burch sued Tory, in early weeks in October. For breach of contract and interfering with the sale of his shares of the Tory Burch company. Tory Burch responded by suing Chris for; Breach of fiduciary duty, breach of contract, equitable relief, unfair competition, misappropriation of trade secrets, and deceptive trade practices.
    Tory Burch and eponymous brand startled in 2003 and in less than ten years it has become a 2 billion empire. Chris and Tory divorced in 2006 and after that things have turn bitter. Chris launched C-wonder in November of 2011, which strikes a strong resemblance to his ex-wife fashion line. The main difference between C-Wonder and Tory Burch is the price. C-wonder is more affordable which means a bigger audience can buy it.Check out the clip below for a short interview.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Monday, November 5, 2012

Canada Goose "Freestyle Vest" Down Vest for Men and Women

For Men

For Women
 So it's November and in New York City, fall has taken a different path. The last three days, we have had temperatures around the 30s; not to mention last week hurricane Sandy. This weather has been very incalculable in my opinion. I don't know what kind of jacket to wear anymore. Well the good news is the weather should be going back to normal after the nor's eastern storm. Since we're in the month of November, which is still fall weather the down vest is an obvious choice to wear. A unique down vest  is Canada Goose. Canada Goose knows a thing or two when it comes to making warm down vest. Their gear is used in arctic expeditions. One of my favorite down vest by Canada Goose is the "Freestyle Vest". This vest is available for both men and women in a huge array of colors. The vest was cut longer in the back to protect from the cold and wind. The worse thing in winter "is wearing a jacket and getting cold draft "A very warm vest with 625 fill power white duck down. It features two outside pockets that are fleece lined. Check this out this stylish down jacket which is a great layering piece at