Thursday, December 6, 2012

L.L. Bean Signature Cashmere Herringbone Scarves by John Hanly

I love scarves, that's an Elias fact. When I'm putting away my summer clothing and bringing back my winter clothing, I first organize my scarves. I love scarves because they compliment your wardrobe. In fall and winter you won't catch me without my scarf. I was checking out L.L. Bean Signature and came across to this smashing scarf. This scarf is crafted from John Hanly, a reputable brand from Ireland known for their scarves and blankets. The brand has been crafting scarves since 1883, "So yeah they know a thing or two about making scarves". This scarf features a herringbone pattern, which is perfect as an alternative for plaid printed scarves. The scarf is 9"W x 74"L, which is a great length for various styles of wearing it.Buy now at L.L.Bean Signature

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