Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Frat Collection Get 10% off Promo Code

Hi, my preppy readers I have a small gift for you. A generous friend gave me a promo code for The Frat Collection.The Frat Collection is one of my favorite brands that I discover on instagram,They  have a very nonchalant style preppy shirts and sweaters. I’m not a greedy individual, so I’m sharing this promo code with you guys. You can save a couple of dollars when you type in the code “URI” you’ll get 10% off every order. Plus you’re doing a great deed because 10% of your purchase goes towards a charity of your choice. “How good is that?” Remember to use the code “URI” to save a couple of bucks. Remember being parsimonious at the right time is preppy,


  1. Should be against the law to do business the way frat collection handles their customers!

  2. My coupon code is ian2 and it will get you 20% if you act NOW! 10% after a little while so hurry now!