Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ralph Lauren Closes Rugby Label

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 Yesterday, I was checking out a fellow preppy blogger Instagram, when I came across to some devastating news. Ralph Lauren will be closing its Rugby label both stores and its e-commerce site, I was caught off-guard with this tragic news that I had to research it myself to actually believe it. The label has been around for eight years and was well received by young consumers. Ralph Lauren launched the label in 2004. Fourteen stores in the U.S. including the stores in Japan and London will be affected. I really like Rugby label because it was more fun and youthful. Also, I liked the 15% off discounts they offer to students. According to Ralph Lauren, executives explain the reason behind to this band was to "focus resource on higher growth, more scalable global opportunities with the core Ralph Lauren brand." Ralph Lauren will be pulling the cord on the label on February 2, 2013.What's your opinion on Ralph Lauren closing the label?

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