Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ralph Lauren Announce New Label Ralph Lauren Vintage

This was hand painted
Available in RL Vintage

Ralph Lauren has been in the fashion news lately. Last week I mention the closing of Rugby which was a sudden surprise in the fashion industry. Now Ralph Lauren is announcing a new label called "Ralph Lauren Vintage". Can you guess what's the line going to be about? The line is going to about vintage Ralph Lauren pieces from its 40 years. This line is targeted to Ralph Lauren consumers that like getting hold of rare pieces. For example, rare highly collectiables like the beloved Polo Bear and the Flag Sweater will be included in the line. What I like about Ralph Lauren Vintage is the "Bring it Back" program which allows the consumer contribute by allowing them pick classic products from the past and bring them back into production. In this line, history repeats its-self. What is old is revive and called new again. What do you think?

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