Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Picks from Ralph Lauren Vintage

Last week, I mention Ralph Lauren launching their Ralph Lauren Vintage line. The new line seems like it's going to be a great success. Last week, I checked out the website on its first day (Wednesday) and on Thursday many items were sold out. I'm aware of the vintage Polo phenomenon, but wow one day later so many items sell out? Ralph Lauren "Western Collection" captivates America on point during the Western times. I have been visiting too frequently the website because it puts me in a different time. Oh yeah, "Don't hesitate if you see an item that catches your eye because it will sell out fast"! Check it out now at

Women Chambray Prairie Wrap Dress

Hand Painted Lambskin Jacket Back View

Women Hand Painted Lambskin Jacket-

Hand painted lambskin jacket

Women Rancher 39-s leather jacket

Womens Veteran riding-jacket

Women Shearling lined duster

Cow hide and leather-satchel

Mens Desert Leather newsboy-jacket

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