Thursday, November 8, 2012

J.Press X Ovadia & Sons Collaboration

   Two menswear giants have gotten together to do a tremendous collaboration. J.Press and Ovadia & Sons have gotten together to do biggest collaboration of the year for menswear. J.Press is one of the oldest brands specializing in the Ivy League Look; J.Press has been around since 1902. They're the premier Ivy League clothing brand. I was checking the J.Press website a while ago and came across to this quote, "Classic American Style isn't created in an instant. It takes time. In fact, it takes a generation worth of thoughtful refinement and an unwavering commitment to dress men to Ivy League Standard. That's been our commitment since 1902". The brand started in Yale University, which explains that close relationship with the university. The brand has been around for 110 years, which is quite an achievement.
   Ovadia & Sons is a fairly recent brand that has been appearing in the menswear blogosphere. It's hard to believe that Ovadia & Sons only been around since 2010. They seem like they have been around for at least ten years. But the truth is the brother's actually have been doing this for a while. The brother started working in their family business, which was children apparel from an early age. They don't have formal design experience  besides working in their family business which I'm completely astounded. I like this collaboration. While both brands target is menswear, they both have different age groups. J.Press is praised in the Ivy League Community. In fact, they're the epitome of the Ivy League look along with Brooks Brother's. J.Press is more popular, with the old school generation that is traditional. J.Press encapsulates American Ivy League wear. Times have change and the Ivy League look in fact has had resurgence in the past two years. There's has been a cessation of baggy pants in men in the past years. Men are starting to want to dress like real gentleman again.
   The line consists of quintessential Ivy League wear. Ovadia & Sons gave the line a more appealing look by making the line overall fitted. You can say it is a rejuvenated look to Ivy League style for the 21st century man. Others brands have tried to captivate the Ivy League style look, but fail. For example, Rugby was one of those brands with an exorbitant amount of logos and patches. I liked their slippers and accessories. But their varsity jackets and rugby polos were an eyesore.
   The collaboration is a mixture of J.Press traditional classic style with Ovadia & Sons exquisite tailoring resulting in a more fitted look for today's modern gentleman. Ovadia & Sons influence is quite obvious for example, floral print shirts, pants with drawstrings and cargo pants. However, I find the last picture out of placed, doubt I would find gym attire in an original J.Press catalog. What I do like is that the Ivy League look essentials were never taken out. All the essentials that would bring the regular J.Press customer and new together would be the Madras patchwork blazer, bow ties, ocbd, obviously the color pink ,trench coats and embossed stripe scarves. Not to mention the very casual looks mixed with the Tretorns Nylities.
   In conclusion, extraordinary line that left me impressed with most looks. Ovadia & Sons gave J.Press a more updated look by adding a few trends in and there to attract the younger crowd that may not have heard of J.Press. There are two looks that I didn't like. I'm very curious on the price on the clothes. This collaboration will benefit both brands for example; maybe it might bring Ovadia & Sons the traditional older crowd that doesn't read fashion magazines and menswear blogs. What's your opinion on this collaboration? Is it a good or bad?

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