Saturday, September 29, 2012

Three Hip Chicks Monogram iPhone Cases

Chloe Monogram iPhone 5 Case

Gator Repeat Monogram iPhone 5 Case

Whale Repeat Monogram iPhone 5 Case

Bright Floral Monogram iPhone 5 Case

Mini Dot Monogram iPhone 5 Otterbox® By Lipstick Shades

Damask Monogram iPhone 5 Case
The iPhone has several purposes. For instances, it serves as a device to make phone calls, browse the web, write emails and take pictures. Pretty much it's a miniature computer that's fits in your palm. As a result, making it the preferred phone among many consumers. The iPhone is also a fashion statement. Personally I'm an android phone person, but I have to admit that the aesthetics of the iPhone are superior. I came across to this brand "Three Hip Chicks"; which consist of mother and two daughters. Three Hip Chick specializes in monogramming, which is a preppy girl favorite word. Three Hip Chicks already have monogram iPhone 5 cases. Perfect for the businesswoman that is always on the go and wants to show her preppy side. Three Hip Chicks also offer a monogram Otterbox case, which will definitely keep your phone safe. It's imperative to keep your phone protected, because a cracked iPhone is not a stylish phone.


  1. Thanks so much! Three Hip Chicks truly appreciates your Post! You are officially a Hip Chick!


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