Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Top 5 Favorite Bracelets by Pink Pineapple

Rill Rove Treasure

Anchor Bracelet

Anchor Cuff

One of my favorite accessories for women is wrist wear. I'm a big fan of seeing women with watches. However, women and their watch taste has become too ubiquitous and banal. Women are wearing the same watch brands that I'm not going to mention in today's post. I will furthermore discuss it in an upcoming- post. Since I became bored at checking out women watches, as a result, I have changed to checking out bracelets. A bracelet can change greatly impact a girl outfit. It can make a dull outfit into an exciting one. A bracelets adds creativity that can't be matched by any watch. I came across to Pink Pineapple Shop; which is a store owned by Stacie Hall. Stacie Hall has a great cashmere sweater line for the ideal preppy women. The bracelets are very preppy featuring anchors and starfish. Great looking bracelets to compliment a girl's Jack Rogers or her polo shirt dress. Check them out at

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