Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ghurka "Gentleman Umbrella Collection"

One of the most forgotten accessories is the umbrella. Men,"We're all guilty of this problem; we spend money on a watch, eye-wear, and a tie. The problem is once its starts raining we all panic and pull out our two dollar umbrellas. Well Gurkha has us cover; Gurkha has launched a "Gentleman Umbrella Collection" to give us an umbrella to compliment our much thought about outfits. A high quality umbrella that features a wooden core with a leather handle. Class is displayed everywhere in this umbrella with details like signature leather post-and-tab closure strap and solid brass trim. The umbrella is made in Italy. The umbrella is 37 inches at length. Heavy twill-textured waterproof nylon is guarantee to keep you dry. This umbrella is available in four colors. An elegant umbrella that will make you want to be caught in the rain to use it.Buy now at

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