Monday, September 17, 2012

Barbour x Paul Smith Collection

   One of my favorite menswear's designers Paul Smith is collaborating with another brand favorite Barbour. I heard about this collaboration a couple of months ago. It makes a lot of sense for two British greats to get together for this wonderful collaboration. Barbour is one of the oldest heritage brands with a strong reputation, while Paul Smith, is one of my favorite designer’s because of his ingenuity. Anything he touches he makes it seem more exciting and animated. The collection is called "Land and Sea”. The collection is for both men and women. Twelve styles are available for men, while eight are available for women.
    Paul Smith gave a new make to the Seafarer and the Fieldman Trad jacket. The Seafarer jacket is based on the well-liked Beaufort Jacket constructed from an Antique sail similar to the original rigged north sea trawlers. Each pattern piece is cut and zig zag stitched together. A cool feature is that the original boat demarcation numbers are reversed stitched. The Fieldman Trad Jacket is also based on the Beaufort; this model was made to look aged. The Fieldman Trad Jacket has the look of a Barbour owned by a farmer. The NSO down jacket is great looking down jacket yet functional its 80%/20% down.


NSO down

Fieldman Trad

For women, Paul Smith gave a new make to the International and the Beadnell. Paul Smith gave the International a decorative printed lining of horizontal ribbons of polka, floral and traditional checked trims. The Beadnell has a polka dot waxed outer and contrasting bright silky lining. The woman’s collection was just not limited to outerwear. Two shirts were added as well. I really like the scarf print shirt, which is a print made up from several Paul Smith & Barbour scarves.


The International

Paul Smith said, “I have always been a fan of Barbour, "This has been a great opportunity to collaborate on a collection that combines the British heritage and identities of both companies”. This will be limited edition only available in select Barbour and Paul Smith Stores. The collection launches in September

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