Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Greene Space presents WNYC’s Abandoned Bike Project

   An interesting art exhibition going on now is “The Abandoned Bike Project” at The Greene Space art gallery. The exhibition is about the eponymous title. Numerous bikes and parts are chained in New York City. For us New Yorkers we find it a normal sight, but for tourist and other visiting people they find it as an eyesore.

   A couple months ago WNYC told their listeners to map and photograph all the abandoned bikes that they saw in their neighborhood. This mission was very successful; the WNYC got more than 500 photos of rusted and dilapidated bicycles. The actual intention of making an online database of abandoned bikes in New York City was to find out how many abandoned bikes there was and to remove them. However, there’s weird loopholes making it difficult for the Department of Sanitation to remove them. A bike has to be completely rusted for it to be removed.
   I love bicycles and find it quite depressing to see a bike abandoned. Usually when I see an abandoned bike I make observations like take notice of the brand and style of the bike. Bicycles that I have read about in vintage forums or in books I have came across to them at one point while waiting for the bus tied to a pole rusting always looking very sad .I highly recommend this exhibition for any bike lover in New York City to see.The exhibition is going on now till Tuesday September 4,2012 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Sleigh Bells - End of The Line

Here's the video for Sleigh Bells-End of the Line track. Pretty cool video.I like the old school Bmx bikes in the video.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Capsule show Men Spring/Summer 2013 Trends

A couple of weeks ago I was at the Capsule Show. As always it was a great experience. I met old brands that I seen in previous shows and new brands that I never seen before. I noticed  certain trends that will be very popular in Spring/Summer 2013.One of the most perceptible trends was Camo. Camo print looks to be even more ubiquitous in 2013 as it takes over footwear.


East land
I also noticed colored soles are going to be even more popular. Brands like Sperry and Caiminando use colored soles on a couple of their models. Adding color to the sole of the shoe can actually make a shoe looked completely different. I own a couple of shoes that have colored soles and its always interesting thinking how to incorporate the soles color into my wardrobe.




I have a strong feeling that  nautical striped sweaters will be very popular in early spring especially on the East coast side of the U.S. Great sweater for those nippy spring nights. You won’t look out of place with a sweater in spring because nautical striped sweaters usually come in basic colors white/navy, white/red and white/black. St.James is the OG when it comes to the stripe sweater. They have a lot of options available. Swedish brand Velour has a very nice striped sweater in three colors which I like a lot.Usually nautical striped sweaters are usually two colors.


As I was pasting by the booths I saw the Espadrille. I’m adding the espadrille to the list of Spring/Summer 2013 trends. However, I don’t think it’s a trendy shoe I see it more as a classic. I only took pictures of two brands that had espadrilles. St.James had a really nice espadrille that would looked magnificent with the striped sweater.Industry of all Nations had a really nice lace up version of the espadrille.At the trade show I saw about five brands with espadrilles. I was surprised to see so many brands with espadrilles compared to last year. But like I always say,” the espadrille is the summer shoe”

Industry of all Nations

 Spring/Summer 2013 should be very interesting with these four trends that I spotted at Capsule. Camo print surprised me a lot I didn’t thought about it being used in spring/summer for footwear. I always saw it for winter and layering but I was wrong. I wonder what will be the trends for women

Friday, August 17, 2012

SUPER How We Make Sunglasses

Here's a video of SUPER showing us how they manufacture their sunglasses.Their glasses are made in Italy.SUPER has one of the best looking sunglasses right now.
Manufacturing Super from retrosuperfuture on Vimeo.

Maine Lobster Leather Tab Belt

I was checking out Tuckernuck earlier today and saw the Belted Cow Maine Lobster Leather Tab Belt back in stock in small sizes.Great for any summer event.Hurry and buy before it sells out again.

Maine Lobster Leather Tab Belt

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Rugby Ralph Lauren Fall 2012

Here’s fall 2012 for Rugby. Great video involving two sports that are quintessential ivy league football and crew. The video involve the classics like cardigans with elbow patches, argyle socks, bow-ties and crew neck sweaters.

Paul Smith Cycling Jersey Collection

 I have a huge passion for cycling and fashion, which is a reason why Paul Smith is one of my favorite designers. Paul Smith is an aficionado of track cycling. In this video he demonstrates his collection of cycling jerseys, some of these jerseys are signed by elite cyclists like Victoria Pendleton and Mark Cavendish. I loved the Peugeot Jersey.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Austra "Painful Like"

Here's a new song from my favorite group Austra.They have began recording  their second album.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New York Capsule Trade Show Wm. J. Mills & Co. Spring/Summer 2013

I saw Wm.J.Mills for the third time at Capsule. This was my second time covering the brand. Canvas is the material appropriate for spring and summer. Wm.J.Mills knows a thing or two when it comes about making quality canvas bags. I actually own a Wm.J.Mills bag. Check out the review on the bag The canvas bags with the floral patterns will be very popular with females. Excellent choice of colors on the tote bags, for warm weather season. The floral pattern tote bag comes in colors like orange and the classic pink and green combo. Great bag for going to the beach, picnic or everyday errands. I guarantee you that these bags will hold almost anything that you put in. For men numerous types of bags like weekenders, ice bags and tote to accommodate everybody’s needs. I really like the bag with grid lock pattern which is made of rip stop canvas. I’m sure anybody that is a frequent reader on my blog knows how much I like waxed canvas. Always great seeing Wm.J.Mills great canvas bag company. Great line up to their bags with the new addition of floral patterns.

Gridlock pattern

New York Capsule Trade Show G.H Bass Spring/Summer 2013

Another American footwear company that was in the trade show was G.H Bass. Bass has been around since 1876, which I think it's amazing for a brand to last a long time and still be so popular with both men and women. The Weejun has been around for more than fifty years. I didn't get to see Bass last year at Capsule; I made it one of my must see for the spring/summer 2013 show. Bass collection was very versatile. It offered boat shoes, penny loafers, fringe loafers with tassels, saddle shoes and oxfords. Bass in my opinion was the most creative, when came to choice of materials for the shoes. For example, Bass had a wing tip oxford with patent leather with clear plastic. Bass reinvented their classic silhouettes by offering the classic Weejuns in metallic colors like gold and silver. The Weejun is a timeless shoe that looks phenomenal on men and women. The women's line was solid. Many of the women loafers came in wonderful pastels colors like pink, blue and yellow. For gentlemen, Bass reworked their classic Weejuns by adding a small pop of creativity by adding contrast color stitching. Also, two tone penny loafers in suede which I think will look magnificent in the fall with dark colored denim. For spring/summer 2013 G.H Bass got really creative on their classic models by offering them in new color ways.
Since 1876

Metallic and pastel color Weejuns

I really like these two tone loafers