Saturday, July 28, 2012

New York Capsule Trade Show Industry of All Nations Spring/Summer 2013

   Industry of Nations was in the Capsule Trade show. I had a long conversation with Fernando of Industry of all Nations in Spanish. I learn a lot about the brand .I had featured Industry of all Nations before I was looking forward to see what they had in store for Spring 2013.For the people that aren’t familiar with Industry of All Nations(IOAN) is Argentinian company based in Los Angeles. What I really like about the brand is that they are environmentally friendly and do fair trade. Their clothing is made by artisans in different countries. Most of their clothes are androgynous. They seem to be very dedicated in being green and against labor abuse. Which I think is a great and more companies should be following this format.
   Talking with Industry of All Nations left me impressed each time I picked up a shoe or clothing I would learn the history on that particular item. For example, their espadrilles are made in by the original Alpargatas factory that has been making them for the past 100 years in Argentina. The shoe is made by local people. Fernando gave me the Faja belt which is very interesting as it’s very versatile. It doesn’t only need to be use as a belt; it can be use as a tie and a camera strap. I really like their Madras Batik printed shirt. The item the really left me impress was the Alpaca Crew Neck Sweater which is a sweater  that is 100% Alpaca. The sweater is handmade in Bolivia. The sweater is meticulously handcrafted, its take three days and 10 hours a day to produce one sweater. Fernando told me that these sweaters are made by old ladies in Bolivia that prefer sewing than working in the farm to make money. Working in the farm is too strenuous for them at that age so they’re happy when they can sew sweaters for a living. He also told me that all the materials are organic for his clothes., even the tag is organic. Overall Industry of All Nations(IOAN) is a brand to watch in my opinion because of what they are offering is unique and their commitment to the environment makes them stand apart from new

Made in Argentina 
Faja Belt


Different prints of the Faja belt

Madras Batik print shirt

Alpaca Crew Neck Sweater made in Bolivia

Different ways of using the Faja Belt

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